Broken by Shopping

As some people might know, Trader Joe’s decided not to change product names to accommodate woke sensibilities.

Here’s a result:

What’s really sad is that adult people feel no embarrassment at talking in this extremely infantilized language. It’s even sadder that progressives have no clue how ridiculous their posturing on behalf of the oppressed is when they shop at this store for wealthy clueless people. (I grew up in a poor country, and there’s still nothing at that store that my brain identifies as food.)

Berenson’s Booklet, Part 2

The second part of Alex Berenson’s booklet on COVID came out. Berenson used to write successful spy thrillers, so the booklet reads like a nail-biter. This part is about lockdowns and whether they are effective in a pandemic.

Within the past 3 years, CDC and WHO both published detailed guides of what to do in a possible flu-like pandemic. Some of the scenarios they planned for are less and some more serious than Covid-19. It’s their job to prepare for this kind of thing, so the manuals are pretty specific.

At no point, however, did they suggest complete lockdowns, even for more serious viruses. To the contrary, WHO insisted that “workplace closure should be a last step only considered in extraordinarily severe epidemics and pandemics” like the Spanish flu.

Both manuals made it clear that there were no real measures that would put a dramatic stop to this virus spreading. Yes, recommend hand-washing because what can it hurt?

But there was a fascinating struggle going on outside of public view. A small group of people invented the concept of a widespread lockdown in response to a pandemic. Who were they and what happened?

Read the booklet to find out. Here is one more quote on why so many scientists rejected the ideas they had defended for years: “Faced with a risk of hundreds of thousands or millions of deaths, the public health experts who for decades had counseled patience and caution flinched. They found they could not live with acknowledging how little control they or any of us had over the spread of an easily transmissible respiratory virus. They had to do something – even if they had been warning for decades that what they were about to do would not work and might have terrible secondary consequences.”

I have no doubt that we will all go down in history as the idiot generation that was so coddled and spoiled that it freaked out needlessly and hurt itself in the process.

Floyd Footage

I don’t know what everybody else sees in the released footage of George Floyd but to me the footage is pretty damning. The police should have called an ambulance because Floyd was clearly unwell from the start and needed to be sedated and put under medical observation. What they were trying to achieve by struggling with a person who had no control over his faculties is a mystery.

The police acted extremely irresponsibly and should absolutely stand trial. To me, this is a case of criminal negligence.

None of this excuses the rioters, obviously. I hope this doesn’t need to be said. Compared to what these – once again, clearly culpable – police did, the “mostly peaceful protesters” are guilty of so much more. A lot of blood is on their hands.