Broken by Shopping

As some people might know, Trader Joe’s decided not to change product names to accommodate woke sensibilities.

Here’s a result:

What’s really sad is that adult people feel no embarrassment at talking in this extremely infantilized language. It’s even sadder that progressives have no clue how ridiculous their posturing on behalf of the oppressed is when they shop at this store for wealthy clueless people. (I grew up in a poor country, and there’s still nothing at that store that my brain identifies as food.)

6 thoughts on “Broken by Shopping”

  1. I don’t understand any of this. People have been excited about Trader Joe’s since it was born. I have not been. Their so-called food is bad. But people like bad food that has been dressed up as not-bad, so.

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      1. It’s not that, it’s just poor quality dressed up as designer discount. Their cheese has been wrapped in plastic so long that it tastes like plastic, not cheese.


    1. Some answers are nice:

      “Russia should take over Estonia, as they’re rightful owners of the land we stole from them”

      “It’s too late for me. I’ve sarcastically mocked so many people and reverse-speaked so many things that nothing I say would trigger a rescue effort.”

      “My preferred pronouns are….”

      “God bless Edward Snowden, the most patriotic #American of my life time.”

      “Voters are smart. They are correct that unfortunately we have elected the wrong person. Once we get right person in, government will work for the people.”


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