Feeling Special

Trump is uniquely dangerous.

The “novel” coronavirus is uniquely dangerous.

It’s starting to look like the people who come up with this slogans are desperate to feel special.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Special”

  1. Just NOW “starting to look like”?

    I don’t so much find our illustrious Commander-In-Chief “offensive” as I do simply boring. He talks and speaks like a preprogrammed “biological A.I.” robot and seems to have a teleprompter for a brain more than anything.


    1. // I thought the “correct” phrase was “existential threat”…

      We the Israelis hear this phrase all the time 🙂

      Have you heard the news?

      “Lebanon begins 3 days of mourning as death toll from blast climbs to 135
      Officials believe the death toll will rise further after the explosion at Beirut port, caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, used in fertilizers and bombs, stored there for six years”

      People on Western social media immediately started blaming Israel, yet “Tel Aviv’s Municipality building in the colors of the Lebanese flag as a sign of solidarity” and Israel offered help: “Even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country, officially in a state of war with Lebanon, stood ready to offer to assist the Lebanese “as human beings to human beings.””

      After typing the previous info, just saw we should ‘thank’ TRUMP for blaming Israel:

      “U.S. President Donald Trump offered American assistance but was incredibly irresponsible, and there is no kinder way to describe it – when he announced the explosion was caused by an attack or “a bomb of some kind,” relying on un-named generals. In other words, he blamed Israel and undermined the Israeli government’s statements to the contrary.

      Trump did not name Israel, but there is a close alliance between the two countries and often information regarding Israeli covert operations had come from American intelligence sources and not out of Israel.

      Trump caused incredible damage to Israel with his rash and unfounded statement. Sources were at a loss to explain what the president was basing it on.”


      Please, Trump, shut up! Middle East is a super explosive environment in all senses.

      You say tweets are not important, but what if something explodes in Iran or another Arab country next, and Trump will again speculate Israel did it? It may either make Iranians truly think we did it or provide an excuse, fuel for anti-Israeli propaganda.


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