Fresh Riddle: Spiky Lemons

Here’s a fresh riddle for you!

What is this and why do I have it on my night-table? (And also in every room, and even on the verandah).

I don’t eat it, in case anyone is wondering.

As a prize, I’ll share my story about how I changed my mind about pizza.

18 thoughts on “Fresh Riddle: Spiky Lemons”

  1. Lemon air freshener? Is it related to the traditional Christmas decoration of an orange with cloves. I think it’s called a pomander.


        1. My teen daughters love anything and everything outdoors. Honestly, I did too at their age even though these days Iโ€™d much rather curl up in bed with a book. I love them, soo we do quite a bit of camping and hiking and backyarding.
          I much prefer this nifty trick to the sticky sprays that donโ€™t always work and smell nasty. It works for us, which I appreciate. My friends all say the mosquitos this year are awful!

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  2. Now I’m wondering whether to try lemon oil and clove oil mixture for external use. Mosquitoes have no mercy on me when I’m outside. I’ve tried various oils with different success rate. The smells that are the effective make me want to barf. The ones that I like are not that great of repellents. But lemon and cloves might be pleasant smelling.


    1. “We donโ€™t have any mosquitoes here”

      …but you do have scorpions, gila monsters and rattlesnakes….. and that’s just the state legislature! Good night! you’ve been a wonderful audience!


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