Lost Your Way

If a college administrator – let’s say a Dean – added “Make America Great Again” to his email signature, would that be appropriate?

I happen to think that it won’t. People have to look at your emails because it’s part of their jobs. Should your political beliefs be forced on them against their will? And it’s not just any political slogan. Rightly or wrongly, it’s a slogan that’s quite polarizing.

Obviously, no college administrator would add MAGA to his signature because that would be the end of his career.

But there’s another polarizing slogan that people think it’s ok to force employees to see and unwillingly endorse. It’s the BLM one. At work, there’s now quite literally nowhere to look to avoid pronouns, “all gender bathrooms” and BLMs thrown at you. And nobody dares to say anything because you can’t make a living if you do.

I’d like to hear how the supporters of BLM and pronouns would feel if they had to work surrounded by, say, anti-abortion slogans and pro-Trump symbols. Is it OK to this just because you can? Because you are completely convinced nobody will have the power to do this to you? Because your ideas are “objectively good” and anybody who doesn’t share them deserves whatever is coming to them? Because nobody can possibly feel the same about the ideas that are the opposite of yours?

I think that Biden is a terrible candidate. But I’d never force employees or students to submit to my proclamations about it. I’d never make them grit their teeth and bear it, knowing that they have no choice. It’s a terrible thing to do even though I’m completely right and he is a terrible candidate.

I’m sorry, people on the Left, but you have lost your way. You have. None of this is OK.

12 thoughts on “Lost Your Way”

  1. So what did this administrator say when you confronted him/her with these points? It’s not like s/he’s sending these emails only to tenured faculty.


    1. I’d never bring this up because I don’t want to be hounded by a crowd of enraged bullies who are foaming at the mouth. Which is the whole point. How fair is it to make a political statement when you know nobody can dare question you?


      1. I don’t think you’re afraid. They can’t fire the unanimously elected department chair for putting “Blue Lives Matter” in her email signature. They can’t afford the lawsuit you’d bring if they retaliated. If they’re just complaining you’re having in person classes “during a pandemic” and nothing else, do you really think they’d come after you for pointing out the email signature? I think the union would back you.


        1. The union would lead the hounding, unfortunately.

          You have no idea how bad things are. One unfortunate professor said aloud that he thinks Fauci is an ineffective quack who likes to fear-monger. He’s now being accused of being a Nazi. Because Nazis don’t like Fauci, apparently. It’s completely nuts. And the union is trying to force the administration to fire people. That’s how things now stand.


          1. “no idea how bad things are”

            So, a professor is harassed for criticizing a government official… and the union has taken to trying to get people fired for expressing political views that conflict with orthodoxy….
            US universities seem to be falling through the floor…. I wouldn’t send my worst enemies’ kids to one….


            1. I still can’t get over a union trying to get a worker fired. Shouldn’t unions be about the exact opposite? This is a mockery of the very concept of a union.


              1. ” a union trying to get a worker fired”

                The malignant narcissist who brought about the elimination of my workplace (since reconstituted in a different form) was ultimately fired from the university (they worked long and hard for that result, publicly libeling the rector and walking of a disciplinary hearing are just the tip of the iceberg). Anyway, they had become a member of the faculty union (actually founded or co-founded a few years ago by another American here) and the union is, entirely properly, protesting the termination.


  2. I am silently amused by anything remotely political that a colleague decides to append to their email signature. Such a person thinks that they’re making a significant political intervention, when in reality, they’re not. (Amazon and almost every other major corporation support #BLM.) But I’ve only ever received one email of the type you’re describing–an email in which the writer added her pronouns to her signature. I live in a conservative state, so most people, including conservatives, aren’t being political in their emails.

    By the way, a lot of the faculty at my school are going to try to push the administration to begin the year with online instruction only. We start in two weeks, and local K-12 public schools are starting online. One of the bigger questions, for me, is if we do Fall 2020 all online, then what are we going to do in Spring 2021?


  3. I’m fortunate to work in a place where HR enforces a strict “no politics at work” policy. There’s actually an orientation module that explicitly states that politics and professionalism do not mix because you need to be able to work with these people for an extended period of time and if you’re all angry at each other all the time it’s hard to do that.

    Granted, I work at a hospital. But the orientation is for university employees as well.


    1. I’m now wondering if professors at least have the decency to remove the slogans when they communicate with students. Or do they force students to stare at their inane political statements in class?

      Back when we had a discussion board I could have asked about it there but now there’s no place to do that.


  4. Oh, ours have a lot of God in them. I’ve got the websites of 3 professional organizations and they’re all political. I wouldn’t be offended by black lives matter, it’s topical and I’d be glad to see an administrator say that, but what most people have, if they have anything, is something Trumpesque and/or from the prosperity gospel


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