The death rates for COVID have collapsed in my state. So have hospitalizations. So now there’s a new metric aimed at keeping us captive: positivity rate. It’s completely incomprehensible to a normal human, which is why it’s used.

Everybody at work is, of course, convinced that this “positivity rate” means they are about to perish amid horrific suffering. “We are at 7!” they exclaim. “Almost 7,5! Do you know what this means? Disaster is imminent!”

Forget “who’s on third.” This stuff is better. Seven! Eight! Eight what? I have no idea but it sounds real bad!

This is never going to end.

Who’s Ready to Repudiate?

The mostly peaceful protesters in Portland traped people inside a building, blocked the exits, and tried to burn the building down. With people inside. Because those were bad, worthless people.

This is not according to me or to the big bugbear that is Fox News. This is according to Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, also known as “the progressive snowflake of the century.”

Are we going to hear a condemnation of these evil, terrible bastards now? Or is it still going to be about how the “protesters” are all wonderful and these arsonists were “not the real protesters”?

What do they need to do to get repudiated by every tool who supported them? Commit mass murder?

The Same Left

“Whereas the dominant strain of cultural leftism once was primarily characterized by a spirit of compassion, it increasingly has come to be dominated by intolerant scolds who seem more eager to shame heretics than do actual good in the world.” –@ZaidJilani

I think Zaid is full of it. He’s a smart guy but on this subject he’s speaking out of his ass.

There is no left that isn’t dominated by intolerant scolds. I pee myself with laughter at every self-righteous proclamation American leftists make because it’s so identical to what we had back in the USSR.

The novel Heart of a Dog by the great Mikhail Bulgakov was written in 1925, and if you read it, you’ll see every rhetorical trick of today’s BLMers and Co.

Maybe by “left” Jilani means Democrats. If so, then yes, they have completely capitulated to rich brats and betrayed the working people. But the left is always identical everywhere. It’s a substitute for religion that is a lot nastier than any religious fanaticism because it is incapable of coming up with a transcendent purpose. And that makes its proponents extremely rabid. It’s been the same since the times of the French revolution and it is amazingly resilient to change. Always the same slogans, the same cruelty, the same destructiveness. Its compassion only exists for as long as the objects of compassion don’t manifest any will of their own. The second they do, they get destroyed.

Dating Destiny

Had everybody watched Tomi Lahren’s famous video about men yet? I find it interesting because it’s the exact opposite in Montreal where there’s a huge shortage of women and an oversupply of men (for obvious reasons), so men have to undergo all sorts of indignities to have a relationship.

Demographics is dating destiny, as we know so well in my part of the world.

Book Notes: Castellanos Moya’s La diabla en el espejo

I know everybody is exhausted by my Castellanos Moya binge but I’m obsessed with this author and won’t quit.

I’ve been trying to get this book all through the lockdown but it’s easier to get in English translation (that has it hideously titled She-Devil in the Mirror) than in the original.

Finally, I managed to get it from the interlibrary loans department which is still working in a sporadic sort of way.

La diabla is unlike any novel by this author that I’ve read. It’s a first-person narrative – which Castellanos Moya often does – but it’s not by a neurotic man. This time, the narrator is a self-assured, gossipy woman who becomes neurotic only in the contrived and clumsy ending.

Castellanos Moya was clearly trying to be didactic in this novel but his talent ran away from him and didn’t let him come up with boring cardboard characters. Instead, Castellanos Moya created in La diabla one of the most interesting, endearing and realistic female characters in all of Latin American literature. Laura Rivera is not a positive character but I call her endearing because she’s a normal woman who is interested in her friends, men, sex, restaurants, and gossip. She’s not a weepy victim like most women in Latin American literature. To the contrary, even when she suffers, she is amazingly self-assured.

In its technical aspects, the novel isn’t Castellanos Moya’s best by far. But the Laura character – while not completely original (Cinco horas con Mario, a Spanish Franco-era novel is very similar) – is fascinating and so much fun to read about.

What’s in a Case?

BREAKING: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests negative for COVID-19 after positive test earlier in the day, just before he was to meet President Trump.

So is he counted as “a case”? Or not? Does anybody know anymore?

I’m seeing people on social media still talking about “cases” five months since we started the interminable “two weeks to flatten the curve.” We should at least try to have a shared definition of the word that keeps us all hostage.