Faculty and particularly the union are agitating to not reopen the campus because “there will be cases.”

Since “there will be cases” into infinity, we are all screwed.

Take care of your psychological health, people. And “don’t read Soviet newspapers at dinner,” as a famous writer said.

3 thoughts on “Crazee”

  1. “agitating to not reopen the campus because “there will be cases.””

    Your faculty and union are a bunch of marks… first rule of the con is to get the pigeon to think it’s their idea….

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  2. I actually blame the litigation-happy culture of the US. Just put yourself into the shoes of a senior administrator that can actually make a decision on reopening anything. Suppose there will be a couple of cases, and nobody dies… but the lawyers of those infected will clean you up and waste a lot of your nerves. There is a reason why it is written on the McDonalds coffee cups that coffee may be hot…


    1. The administration actually wants to reopen. This is not spearheaded by the administration. The administration provided everybody who wants to stay home a chance to do so. Why these neurotics are now persecuting the rest of us is incomprehensible.


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