Dating Destiny

Had everybody watched Tomi Lahren’s famous video about men yet? I find it interesting because it’s the exact opposite in Montreal where there’s a huge shortage of women and an oversupply of men (for obvious reasons), so men have to undergo all sorts of indignities to have a relationship.

Demographics is dating destiny, as we know so well in my part of the world.

7 thoughts on “Dating Destiny”

    1. They have a gigantic influx of single men who are immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. It’s a result of the language policy of Quebec. So the proportion of young men and young women who are interested in a relationship is very skewed. You go to a bar or a dance club, and there are 30 desperate guys for one so-so woman. (Because the great ones are already taken).

      It’s been like this for at least 30 years and the result is now that women are spoiled in the extreme.


  1. One way to look at it is that the women become spoiled but other way is that the men shape up to be the best selves. I’ve been out of the dating scene for over 20 years but what my single friends tell me doesn’t paint a great picture of American men. Nobody could pay me enough to go back to dating again.


  2. Hmm…

    “The only thing that all of your failed relationships have in common is you” is a bit of classic wisdom that never gets old.


    1. The individual dimension doesn’t negate the collective. For instance, let’s take a postwar society that has lost many men in battle (like the Soviet society after 1945). It’s going to experience a shortage of men which will impact female dating behavior for generations to come, even though the balance of sexes in the population gets re-established within the first generation born after the war. I grew up around women who in the 1990s were behaving like the war ended yesterday and there were huge shortages of men.
      Individual neuroses still existed, of course, but it was a clearly cultural phenomenon with historical roots.


      1. So I looked at this Tomi Lahren person’s wikipedia page. She’s a conservative media personality who was living in Los Angeles until recently ( now in Nashville).

        I guess I’m clueless about the conservative media circles she moves in. It doesn’t seem like an environment that is so short of men that women need to abase themselves to have a relationship.

        Then again, conservative media (and these days progressive media as well) is basically a career path for grifters. So maybe that’s her problem.


  3. There seems to be no similar demographic shift here so how can we explain this? Perhaps the shortage is of dateable men. Women date ‘across and up’ and with a 60/40 gender ratio in universities it must be difficult to find a man who’s doing better than you.


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