The Same Left

“Whereas the dominant strain of cultural leftism once was primarily characterized by a spirit of compassion, it increasingly has come to be dominated by intolerant scolds who seem more eager to shame heretics than do actual good in the world.” –@ZaidJilani

I think Zaid is full of it. He’s a smart guy but on this subject he’s speaking out of his ass.

There is no left that isn’t dominated by intolerant scolds. I pee myself with laughter at every self-righteous proclamation American leftists make because it’s so identical to what we had back in the USSR.

The novel Heart of a Dog by the great Mikhail Bulgakov was written in 1925, and if you read it, you’ll see every rhetorical trick of today’s BLMers and Co.

Maybe by “left” Jilani means Democrats. If so, then yes, they have completely capitulated to rich brats and betrayed the working people. But the left is always identical everywhere. It’s a substitute for religion that is a lot nastier than any religious fanaticism because it is incapable of coming up with a transcendent purpose. And that makes its proponents extremely rabid. It’s been the same since the times of the French revolution and it is amazingly resilient to change. Always the same slogans, the same cruelty, the same destructiveness. Its compassion only exists for as long as the objects of compassion don’t manifest any will of their own. The second they do, they get destroyed.

One thought on “The Same Left”

  1. This reminds me, people are always talking about how wokeness is similar to religion and/or Christianity specifically, but they never discuss its differences (except occasionally they point out that Christianity has the possibility of forgiveness/redemption while wokeness doesn’t.) You touch on this a little here but I wondered if you had any additional thoughts on it.

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