What’s in a Case?

BREAKING: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests negative for COVID-19 after positive test earlier in the day, just before he was to meet President Trump. https://t.co/7TrT6I7A2F

So is he counted as “a case”? Or not? Does anybody know anymore?

I’m seeing people on social media still talking about “cases” five months since we started the interminable “two weeks to flatten the curve.” We should at least try to have a shared definition of the word that keeps us all hostage.

3 thoughts on “What’s in a Case?”

  1. “We should at least try to have a shared definition”

    I’m reminded of “The Manchurian Candidate” a movie from 1962… in one scene a loud anti-communist politician (who makes frequent public claims about the number of communists in the US State Department and every time it’s a different number”. At one point he’s complaining to his wife/handler about the changing numbers that he thinks make him look like a fool.

    Her response: “Who are they writing about all over this country and what are they saying? Are they saying: “Are there any Communists in the Defense Department?” No, of course not, they’re saying: “How many Communists are there in the Defense Department?”

    The constant mixed messages about masks and definition of cases and waves and test results are distracting everybody from something else… I’m not entirely sure what, but anyone who still thinks this is about a respiratory illness is a mug.


    1. The usual questions apply: Where is the money? Who benefits?

      I have an inkling, though no real information to confirm, that we are headed for a currency re-set, along with a large portion of the western world. There are a lot of currencies pegged to the dollar in some way or other. US debt is totally out of control. The default was inevitable, but I think the recent stimulus deals have moved up the timeline sharply.

      There is the obvious thing about “do anything, as long as it gets Trump out of office”– and this has bipartisan support. Old-guard Republicans, who are still most of the party AFAICT, don’t want him.

      There is the perpetual background of globalist vs. localist agendas, that seems to underlie much of our current civil unrest. The globalists are heavily invested in both the virus shenanigans and the rioting: they consolidate power and undermine regional and local authority.

      Probably we don’t have enough information yet to bring things into focus.


  2. I had the exact same question.

    By the way the doctor (Dr Gold), whose interview with Glenn Beck I posted elsewhere, was fired for participating in the “embarrassing” America’s Front Line Doctors video.


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