Out of Cycle

What’s going on with the executive orders that have Twitter all atwitter? Are we in favor or against? I feel completely out of the news cycle.

11 thoughts on “Out of Cycle”

  1. Since congress couldn’t agree on continuing unemployment benefits, Trump did an end-run around them by executive order. He’s kind of daring the Democrats to fight him, because fighting an EO that extends bonus unemployment benefits makes them look bad.

    Or at least, that’s what I got out of it.

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  2. It’s very simple:

    Executive orders were good when Obama used them extensively to get around inaction by congress, but they’re an unconstitutional abuse of power when Trump does exactly the same thing.


  3. So far as I can tell, the payroll tax EO, in addition to potentially endangering funding for social security and medicare, also doesn’t even benefit the people who need money the most (the unemployed.) As for the $400 a week unemployment relief, it’s contingent on each state matching 25% (so paying $100 per person receiving.) Unlike the federal government, states can’t do deficit spending, so this is unrealistic, especially considering state budgets are already tapped out for the most part. I haven’t looked into the other two yet and have no real opinion on them. Altogether, it seems like the point of this EO was to avoid having to give people $600 a week. The Republican party under Trump, not so different than the Republican party under Bush or Reagan.

    While I’m unimpressed from a policy standpoint, I am very impressed from a political standpoint. Very smart maneuvering. Now when Democrats fight against this, they look like they’re fighting to stop Trump from giving you money. Terrible optics. Also, if a state is unwilling or unable to do the matching for the $400 a week, then Trump can blame the governor of that state. I’m sure there’s other ways this is brilliant that I haven’t even picked up on yet. The more I think about it, the more I marvel.


  4. Have you heard about the latest sex panic? Alex Morse, the 31 year old mayor of Holyoke and a progressive primary challenger to Congressman Richard Neal, is under fire for…having consensual sex with college students. Not his college students (although he teaches.) Not anyone who worked for him. Just adults who attend a university, maybe even his university (but maybe not.) Do these people want us to raise the age of consent to 30?

    I’ve noticed that these sex panics are often about gay men, and I do think homophobia plays a role here. I also notice that the panic is focused on “he had sex with college students,” not “he had sex with young people.” I do not think they would have cared if he had sex with 21 year old construction workers or retail employees. Many people think the weird attitude towards sex that’s common on the left has something to do with consent, albeit a deeply warped view of it, but I don’t think it has anything to do with that at all. I think it’s about purity, protecting a certain class of pure people from outside corruption. Similar to panics about interracial sex. What bougie people are trying to protect their precious young people from I’ll leave for you to decide.

    Anyway, bringing this all up was clearly an attempt to ratfuck Alex Morse and keep Neal in power. And because Morse’s supporters are exactly the kind of people who have these strange mores, it’s working well!


    1. Ryan Grim said exactly what I’ve been saying!

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    2. I would have thought that it’s because we’ve tried so hard for so long to make college an extension of adolescence. Therefore, college students aren’t fully adults. They’re still on their parents’ insurance, they’re not self-supporting yet, ergo… they’re children. Not like the 21-year-old plumber or construction worker. It’s logical, in a way.

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    3. No, I hadn’t heard about this craziness. Thanks for sharing the story. Protecting college students from sex is definitely some sort of a fetish in this country.

      And not just sex. Look at the corona panic about college students that are supposedly in grave danger from going back to class. The stores and the restaurants are filled with college-age workers but does anybody give a damn? Not where I am.


      1. Similarly, they freak out over teachers going back to work, but there’s nowhere near the same freakout for lower status workers with no college education.

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        1. After decades of faking concern about Walmart workers, it’s curious how silent the left is about the fact they have worked throughout the pandemic.


          1. I’ve seen plenty of concern from actual leftists, but I’m disproportionately in touch with the better parts of the left so perhaps not representative. Among mainstream liberals and progressives? Their is outrage over people going to bars, but no real concern for the bartenders.

            This completely awful post by an activist is representative of many of these people. But the comments are heartwarming; it seems most people are entirely on the side of the employee, not her.


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