Temporary Excesses

So I read the famous NYTimes article that “finally criticizes the riots” and… it’s terrible.

At least, it’s now clear what narrative will be aggressively pushed on us and what kind of criticism we will be allowed to make.

The official story will be that there were these wonderful, peaceful, progressive protests and then a bunch of “white opportunists” (quote from the article) used them to do evil white things.

The article is crap, people. It uses the favorite Stalinist technique of claiming that “there were some temporary excesses in some places” but as soon as the few convenient evildoers are removed, the cause can be completely rehabilitated.

The whole article positions what happened in Seattle as a race war waged by white people on non-white gay victims to compromise the amazing cause that is BLM. And we are supposed to be so grateful for a few crumbs of truth that we’ll abjectly swallow this ridiculous premise.

5 thoughts on “Temporary Excesses”

  1. “the whole article positions what happened in Seattle as a race war ”

    It’s hard to come up with any other explanation that the financial and political elite want something like a race war (partly to get rid of Trump though if they think they can put the genie back in the bottle on November 4 or January 21 then they are dangerously stupid).
    I remember predictions a few years ago that if the political realignment that started with Brexit and Trump was derailed then there would be open armed conflict in the US and thought it was kind of a silly exaggeration. I don’t think that anymore.


    1. It’s the derailers who are getting violent, though. The generation that is failing to thrive in the neoliberal economy is violently protesting against attempts to make this economy friendlier to them.


      1. “It’s the derailers who are getting violent”

        Cats paws…. it barely matters what they think they’re doing, in real terms they’re acting on behalf of the neoliberal winners to intimidate the would-be realigners.


  2. Interesting if true:

    Новый прогресс — это паника и хождение строем
    Российским интеллектуалам мало несвободы, которую навязал режим. Они добровольно погружаются в истерию, насаждаемую импортным неототалитаризмом.

    Репрессивность нашей системы растет — примеры не нужны. Но удивительно это или нет, а тем временем в оппозиционно-либеральном секторе стремительно внедряются подавляющие свободу практики, заимствуемые с Запада. К старинному домашнему тоталитаризму, культ которого навязывается властями, наши продвинутые интеллектуалы добровольно пристраивают модный импортный тоталитаризм новейшего образца, ни капли не смущаясь глубинным сходством их обоих.

    Вот пример. На днях «Новая газета» разместила статью своего обозревателя Юлии Латыниной «Инфантильный социализм стал новой религией Большого Запада». Редакционное предисловие к этой статье буквально пропитано страхом перед крамолой и желанием уклониться от наказания за нее.



  3. You said you are a Marxist, so you may find this article and/or new book doing an old-new Marxist analysis of USA politics and the protests useful. You can agree or not with this analysis, but the author – “an American writer and academic” – is at least trying to look at class. If you read, do you agree with his classification?

    // The Double Horseshoe Theory of Class Politics
    The “class war” isn’t happening where you think it is.

    my taxonomy includes only these six categories: three within the broadly defined overclass (the managerial elite, the professional bourgeoisie and the small business bourgeoisie) and three within the broadly defined working class (the hub city working class, the heartland working class, and the underclass).

    American politics is little more than the internal politics of the overclass, now that the working-class majority has lost the grassroots … Members of the working-class majority play no role except as occasional voters. They tend to be ignored, except during election seasons, when they are targeted by manipulative appeals based on race and gender in the case of the Democrats and religion and patriotism in the case of the Republicans.

    At the risk of being overly schematic I would suggest that the “center,” “left” and “right” of America’s top-thirty-percent politics can be mapped imperfectly onto the managerial elite, the professional bourgeoisie and the small business bourgeoisie. In particular, both DSA progressivism and Tea Party conservatism can be understood as different strategies for enlisting the power of government to stave off the proletarianization of the constituents of the two bourgeoisies.

    The goal of so-called progressivism in 2020s America is to expand employment opportunities for college-educated, center-left professionals, while adding new wings to the welfare state that are tailored to their personal needs.

    In addition to clarifying the constituencies and goals of contemporary American political factions, the double horseshoe theory helps explains what might be called “the two reopenings” during the COVID-19 pandemic, between March 2020 and July 2020.


    Turns out he is the author of books such as


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