Matt Taibbi apparently published an amazing investigative report on the Steele dossier and the Russiagate but it’s behind the paywall.

Life is unfair.

This isn’t a hint of anything.

Khm, khm.

Long Live Belarus

People in Belarus are protesting against yet another election being stolen by dictator Lukashenko. Twitter is already full of bots, accusing the pro-democracy protesters of being “right-wing.” Belarus has been ruled by a dictator for 26 years, and the terminology of right vs left has no relevance. But I have no doubt we’ll hear on MSNBC how these protesters are all Nazis, just like we heard it about the Ukrainian protesters in 2014.

Unless it’s totalitarian, the American left doesn’t like it.

I wish every success to Belarusian brothers and sisters. I hope they manage to get rid of Lukashenko but also avoid getting invaded by his handlers. This is a good country, wonderful people but they haven’t been able to catch a break in forever. I so hope their time has come.

Debate Strategy

What if Biden’s senility is actually a debate strategy? Trump is notoriously unbeatable in debates. He wiped out 17 Republican competitors and then Hillary with no effort. And now he gets regular practice with a crowd of extremely hostile reporters. How to appear at the debates and not come off as a loser?

One strategy could be to prepare people to see a frail, senile old man. Then, when they see somebody completely with it intellectually, the impression will be a lot stronger than without months of senility rumors.

Voters only remember and care about the last thing they saw a candidate do. This could work. It already kind of did in a debate Biden had with Bernie last Fall.

Even More Evidence

One of the largest studies in the world on coronavirus in schools, carried out in 100 institutions in the UK, will confirm that “there is very little evidence that the virus is transmitted” there, according to a leading scientist.

Professor Russell Viner, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and a member of the government advisory group Sage, said: “A new study that has been done in UK schools confirms there is very little evidence that the virus is transmitted in schools.

This is coming on the heels of Denmark reaching the same conclusion.

There’s no evidence so far that school children are a major infection vector. There is a mountain of evidence, however, that interacting with screens instead of people is extremely unhealthy for children and has deeply negative consequences.

Trial Balloon

People who are saying that “defund the police” is something new aren’t paying attention.

Remember Obama’s “dear colleague” letter? The one that forced colleges to create kangaroo courts on campuses and adjudicate sexual assault cases? I kept asking when that first started, “why not the police? Why can’t police investigate crime? Why should completely unqualified people be forced to do it?”

Well, now we know why. It was a trial balloon. The end game is becoming clear now that this campus experiment has been brought to other places. Notice how often we hear about “community policing” these days? That’s what it means. Police each other for ideological infractions while real crime will go unpunished.

I wondered back then why Obama would bother with something as ridiculous as that “dear colleague” letter. But now it’s all coming together.

Long 36 Years

Maureen Dowd wrote in the NYTimes that it’s been 36 years that a man and a woman ran together on a Democratic party ticket.

Of course, Hillary flipped out (understandably so) and accused Dowd of being an old pothead.

I understand Hillary’s feelings but it truly does feel like it’s been 36 years, largely because Hillary herself made them feel so long.