Debate Strategy

What if Biden’s senility is actually a debate strategy? Trump is notoriously unbeatable in debates. He wiped out 17 Republican competitors and then Hillary with no effort. And now he gets regular practice with a crowd of extremely hostile reporters. How to appear at the debates and not come off as a loser?

One strategy could be to prepare people to see a frail, senile old man. Then, when they see somebody completely with it intellectually, the impression will be a lot stronger than without months of senility rumors.

Voters only remember and care about the last thing they saw a candidate do. This could work. It already kind of did in a debate Biden had with Bernie last Fall.

14 thoughts on “Debate Strategy”

  1. “One strategy could be to prepare people to see a frail, senile old man”

    The Harvey Weinstein strategy crawling to his trial in a walker…

    That said, I don’t think he’s faking it (if he is he has some massively great acting coaches, there’s more congruence* when he’s spacing out than when he’s supposedly speaking on topic).

    *roughly – what happens when a person’s inner and outer messages match (when they’re saying something they really believe). Most politicians lack congruence to greater or lesser extents (not necessarily bad, it’s part of the job – they really can’t tell the truth all the time).


    1. “in 2016, debates are not very important”

      Au contraire, mon amis…. Trump massively won the debates with Clinton in 2016. The media hated him and claimed he ‘lost’ but he wouldn’t be president today without the debates.


      1. He won all the primaries thanks to the debates, as well. And his opponents would be better off if they could simply accept that he’s very good at these debates. And judging by the recent golf club press conference, he hasn’t lost the skill.


      1. “two strong candidates with serious platforms that they defend intelligently”

        What? Not looking forward to seeing ‘Senile the Clown’ square off against ‘Narcissist the Clown’?? Laugh until you cry! The fun never stops.


  2. // Clarissa, are you hoping this was all just a dream? That’s what this reads like.

    I am almost envious of your American stability. You have riots, yes, when corrupt local authorities decide to let that happen.

    At least, you don’t have Trump pushing for FOUR elections in ONE year when Israeli economy is already suffering from the coronavirus. Economists are already begging in public not to have 4th elections, but it won’t help. 😦

    The problem is that there is no strong and serious party to vote for except Likud headed by Netanyahu. Voting for Left or even centrist parties in Israel is similar to casting a protest vote in America. Pointless. Voting for more Right-wing parties than Likud is not for me.

    // Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Alon warned against the economic repercussions of a possible fourth Israeli election in little more than a year, saying that “at this time, another elections are bad news for the Israeli economy.”

    // 850,000 jobless Israelis but no funds for vocational training
    In 2019, NIS 66 million earmarked for workplace training, but only one third of that allocated in 2020 due to political stagnation; promised budget of NIS 50 million only enough to retrain 1% of Israel’s growing unemployed population


      1. // What is the problem, though? Why are all these elections needed? Where’s the rift?

        The excuse is the budget. The true reasons, I am unsure of. The quote below talks of Netanyahu’s criminal trial, but am sure Netanyahu has no desire to let Gantz become Israeli PM regardless of any trials.

        Besides, did you know that the centrist Blue and White split soon after winning “33 seats, placing it second after Likud, with 36 seats” in the last elections? Imagine the second largest party splitting immediately after elections: a former journalist, Yair Lapid, is currently “opposition leader in the Knesset,” while Gantz joined Netanyahu as Alternate Prime Minister and signed his political death sentence the same minute.

        With Blue and White gone, Netanyahu probably hopes for Right wing bloc to get even more votes and create an only Right government after next elections.

        See, why I say there is nobody to vote for except Likud?

        I am sick from it all already. At least, you don’t have elections every minute. Imagine the riot (in all senses of the word) of 4 elections per year.

        This article offers one explanation. It is a bit old, but the budget games is what we’re witnessing now:

        // According to the report, Netanyahu decided to seek another round of elections following the Jerusalem District Court’s ruling last week that witnesses will begin testifying in his criminal trial in January, with hearings to take place three times a week. The report said Netanyahu fears petitions to the High Court of Justice will demand he be barred from continuing to serve as prime minister while he is on trial and that Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will back this stance, making it easier for the justices to rule in favor of the petitioners.

        Unnamed associates of Netanyahu were quoted as saying that the premier’s main aim in going back to the polls is to regain control over the Justice Ministry and that he would campaign heavily against the judicial system ahead of the elections. The current justice minister, Blue and White’s Avi Nissenkorn, has defended the legal system in the face of unsubstantiated claims by Netanyahu and his allies that he is the victim of a “attempted political coup.”

        While aware of the risks of another election, which would come as Israel is mired in the coronavirus pandemic and a major economic crisis, the report said Netanyahu has decided that it is better than the alternatives, and that he has no intention of honoring a rotation agreement that would see Gantz take over for him as prime minister in November 2021.

        Though the coalition deal between Likud and Blue and White mandates a two-year budget, Netanyahu has been pushing for a budget that will only cover the rest of 2020, citing the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Gantz, however, has insisted that a two-year budget be passed, as stipulated in the coalition deal, saying it would provide greater financial certainty to those hurt economically by the government’s lockdown measures.

        The passage of only a one-year budget — or the failure to pass one at all — could allow Netanyahu to enter new elections without having to hand over the premiership to Gantz as stipulated by the coalition deal.


        1. It sounds like Netanyahu has completely lost it.

          Thank you for explaining! This is starting to resemble the situation in Spain, unfortunately. And the result is going to be an even greater disillusionment with the capacity of liberal democracy to provide stability.


          1. // Thank you for explaining! This is starting to resemble the situation in Spain, unfortunately.

            The current situation? Are they also having endless elections? Why?

            // And the result is going to be an even greater disillusionment with the capacity of liberal democracy to provide stability.

            Hope we don’t reach this point in Israel. My country has known only democracy since its Independence Day. Cannot imagine Putin-lite in Israel. 🙂


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