Long Live Belarus

People in Belarus are protesting against yet another election being stolen by dictator Lukashenko. Twitter is already full of bots, accusing the pro-democracy protesters of being “right-wing.” Belarus has been ruled by a dictator for 26 years, and the terminology of right vs left has no relevance. But I have no doubt we’ll hear on MSNBC how these protesters are all Nazis, just like we heard it about the Ukrainian protesters in 2014.

Unless it’s totalitarian, the American left doesn’t like it.

I wish every success to Belarusian brothers and sisters. I hope they manage to get rid of Lukashenko but also avoid getting invaded by his handlers. This is a good country, wonderful people but they haven’t been able to catch a break in forever. I so hope their time has come.

9 thoughts on “Long Live Belarus”

  1. I wish those protestors luck! And to get rid of Luckashenko at long last. But I’m not sure that Left would be against them… After all, Ukrainian revolution in 2014 was promoted by the American establishment (Victoria Nuland among the others, Biden’s family nembers got profit). And Right Sector is, indeed, far right organisation (was even more far right in the past, when Euromaidan occured).


    1. Ah, it’s been a while since we’ve had victims of severe mental retardation join us. To what do we owe the pleasure?

      This was a rhetorical question. We all know the answer. Please go away on your own and don’t make me ban you.


      1. You are begining conversation with personal attack and threat of ban. Listen, if you can’t be civil about our differences them ban me. At least I wouldn’t spend any more time on your blog.


  2. So is Belarus a nice country??? I am irrationally terrified of it because my associations are camps – pogroms – USSR/CCCP. All stereotypes of the kind one questions and destroys in Language 101, culture segment. But: it is a nice country, I should go?


    1. Not right now because they’ve had 26 years of a dictatorship that destroyed the culture, didn’t let the economy develop, and created an environment of hopelessness and stagnation. If the dictatorship falls, five or six years later it will be a much nicer place. If the Russians don’t invade, that is.


  3. AHA. I am seeing now that it uses Latvian symbols, this is interesting. Everyone talks about how bad the winters are but how bad can they be compared to steppes of the USA???


    1. “I am seeing now that it uses Latvian symbols”

      I’m assuming you’re referring to the romanization (in some outlets) of Belarusian cyrillic.


      There used to be a converter where you could immediately transliterate whole pages in Belarusian from cyrillic to latin (I think Belarusian in latin looks like of…. charming while the English style romanization usually used in Ukraine and Russia is just kind of ugly…

      Usie ludzi naradžajucca svabodnymi i roŭnymi ŭ svajoj hodnaści i pravach.
      Usye lyudzi naradzhayutstsa svabodnymi i rounymi u svayoy hodnastsi i pravakh.

      (maybe you need to know a slavic language or two or see the difference….)

      But unfortunately except for names Belarussians are even less attached to “their” language than Ukrainians are and about half the ones I’ve known claim ignorance of it and the other half strongly prefers Russian….


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