Trial Balloon

People who are saying that “defund the police” is something new aren’t paying attention.

Remember Obama’s “dear colleague” letter? The one that forced colleges to create kangaroo courts on campuses and adjudicate sexual assault cases? I kept asking when that first started, “why not the police? Why can’t police investigate crime? Why should completely unqualified people be forced to do it?”

Well, now we know why. It was a trial balloon. The end game is becoming clear now that this campus experiment has been brought to other places. Notice how often we hear about “community policing” these days? That’s what it means. Police each other for ideological infractions while real crime will go unpunished.

I wondered back then why Obama would bother with something as ridiculous as that “dear colleague” letter. But now it’s all coming together.

13 thoughts on “Trial Balloon”

  1. “forced colleges to create kangaroo courts on campuses and adjudicate sexual assault cases”

    In the coming order governments are simply uninterested in violent crime among locals (beyond wanting to maintain a certain level to keep them on their toes and distracted). That’s another reason for the massive sponsorship behind BLM – African Americans seem to be mostly indifferent to black on black crime* and that’s the model they want for everyone else.

    *I know many black people are very distressed by it but they’re not the ones the media or government pays attention to


    1. My very progressive friends moved out of NYC with their kids last week. It’s become unlivable. Not that this has persuaded them to modify their political beliefs and vote for a different kind of politician that is destroying New York.


      1. ” moved out of NYC with their kids last week. It’s become unlivable”

        A lot of the last 60 or so years of NYC has been liberal mayors turning the city into a sewer at which point they very reluctantly vote in a tough-on-crime mayor who cleans the city up and makes it more livable and then enthusiastically voting again for a soft-on-crime liberal who lets the city go to crap….
        New Yorkers themselves seem mostly blind to this clockwork cycle which makes me think they’re not very good at pattern perception….


        1. You have to remember that most of New York is young educated people following their dreams. They generally tend to vote for Dems, NY or not. Then after a couple of years about 60% move to the suburbs because they can’t make it/get tired of the city/schools are bad. While they might start voting differently in the suburbs, they make room in the City for a new cohort of young people following their dreams.


      2. // My very progressive friends moved out of NYC with their kids last week

        Are those the same friends who left all their relatives in order to give their kids NY ‘diversity,’ even at the price of being homeless in NY?

        Are they moving closer to the extended family?

        I ask since living near one’s relatives, having a deep and loving relationship with the grandparents, had been one of the greatest gifts in my life. Don’t think any city on Earth can compare with this for the kids, unless the conditions in the original place are truly bad.


        1. Yep, the very same. And no, not going closer to the family. Although the family lives in paradise. Zero crime, amazing nature, horses.

          But at least they are out of NYC so I’m very happy.


  2. That’s not actually what community policing means. And defund means demilitarize. Also note that most of the useful things police do are administrative and advisory. In recent times I’ve filed reports on my stolen bike and my fender bender with a tree branch in my driveway, both of these for insurance purposes. I called 911 when someone collapsed on the sidewalk and I didn’t know if it were a heart attack or drugs or what, asked for an ambulance, police also came to take a report (person could have been crime victim, or have just come from crime scene; also, it’s the police who record things). I’ve also called for advice on law or procedure and things like that. It’s police doing that work and they’re armed, but it’s their recording authority, info, etc., that I’ve been after and that apparently take up most of their days. Do all of those doing this work need to be police per se, and do they need tanks — or training of a type that would make anyone somewhat paranoid / jumpy / dangerous?


    1. However, yes — I’m also not fully on board with the report to campus, not to police thing. My understanding is that it’s useful insofar as many crimes aren’t successfully prosecuted, so campuses may want to know about the incident so that, even if alleged perp isn’t prosecuted or isn’t convicted, they can keep an eye out and try not to send people off alone with a violent criminal, etc.

      It is important to note that the AAUP’s lawyers have a rather different reading of Title IX than your HR may and than the Obama administration did. “Since 2011, deployment of Title IX has also imperiled due-process rights and shared governance. This report thus emphasizes that compliance with the letter of the law is no guarantee of justice, gendered or otherwise.” I consider it important that we realize the HR version of things is not necessarily true.


      1. …meant to add: the no benefit of the doubt for the accused, combined with the no real justice for the abused, really is the worst of both worlds.


    2. Defund in English means “take away the funding.” It is not synonymous with “demilitarize.”

      Don’t we have enough experience with austerity to understand that it’s not going to work in our favor?


        1. Yes, our campus is being defunded. But not demilitarized. 🙂 We have more and more policing agencies as we have now started fighting ideological infractions and COVID-related infractions.

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