Lost in Translation

For 5 minutes I stared dumbly at a tweet by a Russian-language reporter who is trying to get the truth out to the world.

“Police in Minsk are passionately beating a woman with legs!” the tweet announced.

This is a tragic situation and it’s not OK to laugh but it took translating the sentence back into Russian word-for-word to figure it out.

Lucky Candidate

Oh, wow, folks, did you hear that Trump was rushed out of the briefing room because there was a shooting in front of the White House?

Like people were saying when there was an assassination attempt on Putin during one of his many presidential campaigns, “Gosh, he’s a lucky guy. First, he gets shot at. Then, the shooter misses.”

If you don’t get the joke, you don’t understand politics.

What’s the Plan?

Why would the looting stop if nobody is stopping it? What is the expectation here? That people will tire of getting opportunities to steal Louis Vuitton bags?

I’m trying to figure out what all the people who oppose federal troops being sent to stop the rioting are thinking. I’m asking this in good faith. What’s the plan? I’m far removed from the circles that support the “protests,” and I’d like to know what people are thinking.

There’s a pile of dead bodies. Chicago already has 150 more murders this year than at the same moment of 2019. Several cities suffered massive damage. Residents are terrified. Local authorities are clearly incapable of doing anything because it’s been over two months and it’s only getting worse. Every concession has been made to the rioters in Portland and Seattle but the rioting continues. What’s the endgame?

Time to Notice

Wait, what? What happened in Chicago tonight? What fresh calamity has been visited on this wonderful, beautiful city? I’m seeing reports that the Magnificent Mile was destroyed by peaceful looters tonight. Does anybody get this? Why Chicago? Why tonight? What precipitated this?

Will any Democrat find the balls to say anything now? The peaceful rioters have already caused a murder wave that’s larger than all school shootings in a decade combined. When will it be time to notice what’s happening?

When Neoliberals Protest

Overnight on 8–9 Aug, hundreds of antifa descended on the @PortlandPolice union building again in north Portland. They blocked the road, started street fires & tried to burn down the union hall again. Video from inside shows the arson attack #PortlandRiots https://t.co/WAvyCdYjVm https://t.co/mpHi9fQAcr https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1292409558103556096?s=19

I highly suggest looking at the mug shots of some of the attackers in the comments. It’s almost comical: a bunch of spoiled bourgeois brats plus an unavoidable Russian agitator destroying a union and demanding austerity.

Have I posted the poll about how 70% of black people want more police in their neighborhoods? Their lives matter so much to the peaceful rioters that they can’t be arsed to notice.

Profits Don’t Matter

In June and July, Fox News was the highest-rated television channel in the prime-time hours of 8 to 11 p.m. Not just on cable. Not just among news networks. All of television. The average live Fox News viewership in those hours outstripped cable rivals like CNN, MSNBC and ESPN, as well as the broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC, according to Nielsen.

In June and July, there was absolutely no other place on television or in the press to hear the truth about the riots and the COVID-mania. People want to see their daily reality on the news. Truth sells.

But all these news companies are willingly sacrificing profit in service of ideology. I wish it were about money but it’s so much worse than that.