When Neoliberals Protest

Overnight on 8–9 Aug, hundreds of antifa descended on the @PortlandPolice union building again in north Portland. They blocked the road, started street fires & tried to burn down the union hall again. Video from inside shows the arson attack #PortlandRiots https://t.co/WAvyCdYjVm https://t.co/mpHi9fQAcr https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1292409558103556096?s=19

I highly suggest looking at the mug shots of some of the attackers in the comments. It’s almost comical: a bunch of spoiled bourgeois brats plus an unavoidable Russian agitator destroying a union and demanding austerity.

Have I posted the poll about how 70% of black people want more police in their neighborhoods? Their lives matter so much to the peaceful rioters that they can’t be arsed to notice.

14 thoughts on “When Neoliberals Protest”

  1. “Plus an unavoidable Russian agitator “. Only one agitator? I have seen two Russians so far. Russian immigrants are probably concentrated in big cities, thus the relative prominence.


      1. // Is Szabo supposed to be Russian? Szabó is a very common Hungarian family name which means ‘tailor’.

        No, Anna Kruger’s name seems like Russian though.

        The first link didn’t post well. I meant “Mark Y. Kolyvanov (Марк Колыванов), 28, ” (second link at the end of the previous post) and Anna Kruger:


  2. // Russian immigrants tend to detest these protesters in a way that makes me look like a cheering fan. These are trained agitators, not regular immigrants.

    Why do they detest them though? Are they anti-Putin? Anti BLM because of FSU racism? Because they support ‘law and order’ mindset?


    1. Because the rioters are leftist well-to-do brats who think socialism is cute. Imagine how this feels to people who were deprived of everything these brats have had handed to them by socialism.


      1. // Imagine how this feels to people who were deprived of everything these brats have had handed to them by socialism.

        It’s one of the rarest times you said something positive about ‘our’ immigrants. I was pleasantly surprised. Genuinely.

        Unlike your view, I am happy to hear Russian on the streets and wish Israel could receive another million FSU Jews. Would do us only good. 🙂


  3. I was surprised to see that the Washington Post reported on this this morning without any of the usual “mostly peaceful” disclaimers. I don’t know whether this signals a larger change in media coverage of our peace loving arsonists and looters or not.


  4. “mug shots of … a bunch of spoiled bourgeois brats”

    I don’t think you read American class markers as well as you think… what I got was a real mix of different classes including a big section of the underclass, spoiled bourgeois brats don’t look like meth addicts and/or don’t boast white trash hairstyles and/or don’t have signs of fetal alcohol syndrome….
    What I read from the mugshots (and my experience in the US) is a bunch of unhappy, angry, marginalized people (not in the PC meaning but in the haven’t caught a break for a very long time, crappy family, crappy education and/or mental issues….


    1. The lumpen are definitely there. They are enjoying the looting and the general mayhem while the bourgeoisie is egging them on. We all know what the next stage of this process looks like.


      1. I am deeply anxious about this. I’m one of those weirdos who believes in omens and things, and it is really shocking how often “beheading” has been crossing my radar lately.


  5. So recently I happened to stumble onto the fact that crime was at record highs in Cincinnati before the death of George Floyd. Some articles backing that up.



    I wonder if this is true in other cites. If so, this supports my theory that the riots are more a symptom, and the real root of the problem here is the pandemic, lockdown, the economy. The violence was already spiking, it just reached a fever pitch with the riots.

    For the record, those weren’t too big in Cincinnati. There was some looting and property damage in the first few days, but nothing like the devastation some cities are seeing. Kind of ironic considering Cincinnati is famous for race riots.


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