Kamala Is Good News

The people who are upset over Kamala Harris because she’s not sincerely woke need to understand that nobody in politics is. Bernie wasn’t either. I’m convinced he threw his race (whether consciously or not) because he couldn’t stand faking wokeness and betraying the principles of a lifetime to please a bunch of hysterical whippersnappers.

Kamala Harris doesn’t have any principles but her wokeness is as fake and uncomfortable as Bernie’s. We are all participating in this insane charade where we are pretending to be total idiots to please the tiniest of minorities of silly, loserish people.

And for those who are upset on the right, folks, remember it could have been Stacey Abrams. Let’s rejoice that it’s a cynical, opportunistic Kamala instead.

Why Mail-in Voting Is a Terrible Idea

Has anybody noticed what’s going on? There are gangs of armed, enraged goons roaming around many major cities. They have spent months hurting people and destroying buildings. What’s going to happen when there’s no result on Election Night? What’s going to happen when there’s endless bickering about lost ballots that will end up being litigated? Yes, we all know it can happen with in-person voting but with mail-in it’s guaranteed to happen. Can you imagine what the “protesters” will do if we leave them to stew in their brain excrement of suspicion and doubt? And again, yes, they will riot no matter what the election results are. But these are not people who can tolerate uncertainty. They will really blow if we burden their feeble psyches like this.

What can we possibly assume when we see that first the police gets weakened, then marauding crowds are sicced on the population, and then an experiment is conducted on a very large, very complicated country where people are expected to exercise a ton of patience and good faith? This feels like somebody is trying to provoke a civil war.

Also, the mail-in process is a total mess. My husband got a notification from the state that he can do mail-in voting, with instructions and everything. I got nothing. We registered at the exact same time and in the same place but I’m not mentioned anywhere on that consent form for mail-in.

The people who are suggesting mail-in voting are either completely oblivious and self-centered (“but it works in Europe!”) or malevolent. There’s no other explanation.

Crazee in Melbourne

Stage 4 restrictions are now in place for Melbourne.
Exercise is limited to once a day for 1 hour.
Shopping is limited to 1 person once a day.
And when doing either, you must stay within 5kms of your home.
You must also stay home between 8pm and 5am. https://t.co/AB1pmyoV7u

Because virus spreads better at 8:05 than at 7:55. And those bastards who exercise for 90 minutes a day are superspreaders. I always knew there was something wrong with those smug bastards.

Looters Are Better

Everybody despises the looters who destroyed the Magnificent Mile. Many people (like the mayor of Chicago, for instance) insist that they are vastly inferior to the politically motivated rioters.

I don’t get it, though. I obviously don’t support the looters but I get it. They want free Louis Vuitton bags, and who doesn’t? The last two collections have been very impressive. I wouldn’t say no to one myself.

Like this one. It’s super cute. I got so mesmerized browsing LV bags that I almost forgot to finish the post.

So yes, bad methods but understandable, very human motivations. Looters are using a propitious moment to acquire something they wouldn’t otherwise.

But the humanoids who are trying to burn down the federal courthouse in Portland, asking for violent criminals to get released from jail, assaulting little sweet old ladies (again, in Portland), creating terrible noise in residential neighborhoods at night, and trying to blind human beings with lasers – those I don’t get. Compared to the folks who simply want handbags – and again, bad, bad, despicable methods – they are decidedly worse. It’s all about hurting people for fun.