Kamala Is Good News

The people who are upset over Kamala Harris because she’s not sincerely woke need to understand that nobody in politics is. Bernie wasn’t either. I’m convinced he threw his race (whether consciously or not) because he couldn’t stand faking wokeness and betraying the principles of a lifetime to please a bunch of hysterical whippersnappers.

Kamala Harris doesn’t have any principles but her wokeness is as fake and uncomfortable as Bernie’s. We are all participating in this insane charade where we are pretending to be total idiots to please the tiniest of minorities of silly, loserish people.

And for those who are upset on the right, folks, remember it could have been Stacey Abrams. Let’s rejoice that it’s a cynical, opportunistic Kamala instead.

5 thoughts on “Kamala Is Good News”

  1. So if something happens to Biden, would she move to the front or would there be someone new picked for the candidate? Anyone knows the procedures?


  2. The second linked article is well written and provides a detailed depiction of

    “The Human Costs Of Kamala Harris’ War On Truancy
    The “progressive prosecutor” wanted to transform how California responded to students missing school. Parents like Cheree Peoples wound up paying the price.”


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