Looters Are Better

Everybody despises the looters who destroyed the Magnificent Mile. Many people (like the mayor of Chicago, for instance) insist that they are vastly inferior to the politically motivated rioters.

I don’t get it, though. I obviously don’t support the looters but I get it. They want free Louis Vuitton bags, and who doesn’t? The last two collections have been very impressive. I wouldn’t say no to one myself.

Like this one. It’s super cute. I got so mesmerized browsing LV bags that I almost forgot to finish the post.

So yes, bad methods but understandable, very human motivations. Looters are using a propitious moment to acquire something they wouldn’t otherwise.

But the humanoids who are trying to burn down the federal courthouse in Portland, asking for violent criminals to get released from jail, assaulting little sweet old ladies (again, in Portland), creating terrible noise in residential neighborhoods at night, and trying to blind human beings with lasers – those I don’t get. Compared to the folks who simply want handbags – and again, bad, bad, despicable methods – they are decidedly worse. It’s all about hurting people for fun.

4 thoughts on “Looters Are Better”

  1. I get a daily email from the Times and they repeatedly described the Chicago scene as “unrest.” If this isn’t newspeak I don’t know what else to call it.

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