Joyful Chair

It’s actually great being Chair because now I have the power to start pressuring the Dean’s office to stop abusing our office personnel. They are forcing these poor (literally), underpaid people to do the work of two for the same low salary of one. I’ve been trying to do something about it for years but to no avail. But now I’ve pulled resources with another irate Chair and we created a strategy to defeat the Dean’s office.

Making workers’ lives better fills me with a great sense of joy. Our office manager cries every day because her situation is so hopeless. And I’m glad I met another Chair who is equally disgusted by the situation.

One thought on “Joyful Chair”

  1. In an opinion piece about race on Inside Higher Ed today, a professor wrote that one of his students said to him that living in the United States is a “nightmare.” This level of hyperbole is just silly, but unfortunately it masquerades as a serious political statement in far too many places these days. I would understand it if you’re homeless and have no family left, but that’s not the case, I assume, with this college student.


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