I wasn’t going to be department Chair. I used to say in a very loud and decisive way (like I say everything), “I’m NEVER going to be Chair. NEVVAH!”

When people started asking me to run, I was incensed. How could they? Haven’t I said a million times that I NEVVAH?

So I called my sister and ranted for 15 minutes about the evil people who were trying to convince me to do something I absolutely, totally, 100% was NEVVAH going to do.

“Stop being an idiot and run for Chair already,” she said.

My sister is a professional job recruiter with 15 years of experience. She has a talent for pairing people with jobs they never expected to do, and she never misses. She really understands people and how to get them into jobs they’ll love. I don’t but I do know to trust an expert when she feels like giving advice.

So I became Chair.

I had enormous misgivings but after doing it for 1,5 months, I’m in love with this job. I’ve never been this energized or felt so alive at work. And it’s not that I was unhappy before. I love academia and always enjoyed being a professor. But the experience I’m having now is on a completely different level.

Who knows, maybe I’ll have a burnout or get bored with it soon. But the I’ve had such great 1,5 months that it’s all worth it just to experience something this intense.

4 thoughts on “NEVVAH”

  1. “I had enormous misgivings but after doing it for 1,5 months, I’m in love with this job. ”

    Your European education is showing. An American would not use the coma to as you have (1,5) but would use a decimal (1.5 – or a full stop as you probably learn to name it).

    So, your sister was right once again!


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