How BLM Helps Digital Oligarchy

So why is the digital oligarchy sponsoring BLM, censoring any opposition to it and shutting down any realistic discussion of COVID? BLM and COVID are both completely real, of course. I’m not suggesting that the DO (digital oligarchy) created them. DO uses them to accelerate the creation of the new economic system and a new system of governance.

That new system is not going to have what we know as “the middle class.” It will have very little between the oligarchy and the underclass.

The best way to get rid of the middle class fast is to destroy welfare. There is no middle class without welfare. By welfare I don’t mean the payments that a government makes to the permanently unemployed underclass. Those payments are not going away. To the contrary, the DO wants to move as many of us as possible into that underclass and give out a lot more of those payments.

The welfare that creates a middle class is this: safe streets, clean, quiet neighborhoods, weekends, vacations, near 100% literacy, the capacity of husband-wife-children families to live by themselves, the capacity to form families, a reasonable sense of autonomy and dignity, a measure of predictability and control over your life. The underclass that receives government payouts doesn’t have any of this welfare. The DO wants to give us those payouts but take away everything else.

Now look at everything I listed. COVID panic and BLM are making everything on this list impossible. They are also pushing more people into the underclass and making more payouts necessary. This is why the digital oligarchy is so aggressively promoting them.

Wrecking Crew

I’m going to put this in a separate post because people clearly aren’t getting it.

The endless “protests” we are witnessing are a tactic of terrorizing the population in order to push through the neoliberal destruction of welfare. These “protesters” are the wrecking crew of neoliberal economic reforms.

The only reason why it’s not extremely obvious to everybody is that the wrecking crew and its Bezos and Co backers have switched off our intellectual faculties by screaming something vaguely race-related. We hear “race” and we stop thinking. We let ourselves be robbed blind. Any capacity to resist dies.

80% of African Americans don’t want any reduction in policing. They want an increase. These “protesters” aren’t helping black people. They are helping the Bezoses of this world to rob me and you while we beg them to rob us some more.

No Logic

Isn’t it bizarre that the same political party that insists that the concepts of “female” and “black” have no meaning and that all you need to do to be one is say you are is the party that made such a big deal out of nominating a “black female” VP candidate?

There’s got to be some semblance of logic to all this. If anybody can be a woman whenever they feel like it, then what’s the value of nominating a woman?

It’s also starting to seem like Democrats have a problem with non-immigrant blackness. It’s almost as if they thought that blacks who have been in this country for a couple of generations aren’t good enough. When are they going to run somebody black who’s not from one of the highest achieving immigrant groups?

Children Don’t Transmit

Study one million something something:

Transmission of infection occurred from an adult to a child in 19 clusters and/or from an adult to another adult in 12 clusters. There was no evidence of child‐to‐adult or child‐to‐child transmission. . . While children become infected by SARS‐CoV‐2, they do not appear to transmit infection to others. Furthermore, children more frequently have an asymptomatic or mild course compared to adults.