How BLM Helps Digital Oligarchy

So why is the digital oligarchy sponsoring BLM, censoring any opposition to it and shutting down any realistic discussion of COVID? BLM and COVID are both completely real, of course. I’m not suggesting that the DO (digital oligarchy) created them. DO uses them to accelerate the creation of the new economic system and a new system of governance.

That new system is not going to have what we know as “the middle class.” It will have very little between the oligarchy and the underclass.

The best way to get rid of the middle class fast is to destroy welfare. There is no middle class without welfare. By welfare I don’t mean the payments that a government makes to the permanently unemployed underclass. Those payments are not going away. To the contrary, the DO wants to move as many of us as possible into that underclass and give out a lot more of those payments.

The welfare that creates a middle class is this: safe streets, clean, quiet neighborhoods, weekends, vacations, near 100% literacy, the capacity of husband-wife-children families to live by themselves, the capacity to form families, a reasonable sense of autonomy and dignity, a measure of predictability and control over your life. The underclass that receives government payouts doesn’t have any of this welfare. The DO wants to give us those payouts but take away everything else.

Now look at everything I listed. COVID panic and BLM are making everything on this list impossible. They are also pushing more people into the underclass and making more payouts necessary. This is why the digital oligarchy is so aggressively promoting them.

11 thoughts on “How BLM Helps Digital Oligarchy”

  1. Out of curiosity, can I ask you this? What does the DO have to gain by the new state of affairs? If the middle class is destroyed, wouldn’t we all be buying less things from the DO? Wouldn’t Bezos and Zuckerberg ultimately lose money in the process?


    1. We’ll still get the welfare checks, though. This is why the DO is so I’m favor of the “universal basic income.” Instead of spending money on any other welfare, the government will be spending it on these welfare checks. It’s a massive transfer of public money into the pockets of the DO.


      1. A universal basic income would be pretty low, though. Was it Andrew Yang who spoke of a thousand a month?

        How do we define middle class? Where does the upper middle class start? $200K/year per household? $100K? What will be the distribution of the remaining jobs and salaries? Will, say, 10% of the population have jobs and have income in addition to UBI? 5%? 15%?

        You can always reverse-engineer the parameter values to make what you say true, but that’s motivated reasoning.

        I don’t think the DO need to support BLM and shut down “realistic discussions” of Covid. They’re already doing amazingly well. Humanity is using technology more every day and growing increasingly reliant on them. They’re supporting BLM and UBI because not doing so will

        make it harder for them to hire and retain talented tech people. I hear through the grapevine that Facebook is having trouble with hiring these days
        make them vulnerable to lots of bad publicity, slowing down revenue growth


        1. Yeah, because talented tech people will give up $250,000 salaries and go work in retail if the Silicone Valley doesn’t support BLM.

          It’s an interesting question how those people feel about BLM. I know a couple and the ones I know despise it. But those are Americans and one Russian, so not the South Asian cohort.


          1. Silicon Valley companies are vulnerable to their talent leaving for other companies. Microsoft would love to hire Google’s best coders if they find Google too woke.

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          2. The tech companies are competing with each other. Whichever company stops supporting BLM first (or doesn’t start supporting it) makes itself vulnerable. Talented tech people will not go work in retail if all tech companies don’t support BLM, but to accomplish that, the companies would need to coordinate with each other and behave in the exact same way.


    1. “who is the digital oligarchy’s customer base, once we’re all reduced to serfdom?”
      A few ideas…
      one: they haven’t really thought this out…
      two: Each other. Taxes will be collected from them to give to the serfs and then they compete to get more back than they pay by having the serfs buy useless crap from them.
      three: through design or carelessness they’re just inflating a massive bubble…
      four: some combination of options one through three….


      1. And five: the government will keep borrowing money and running gigantic deficits to give out basic income payments. Bezos increased his fortune dramatically in the pandemic when people were made dependent on government checks in unprecedented numbers.


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