Wrecking Crew

I’m going to put this in a separate post because people clearly aren’t getting it.

The endless “protests” we are witnessing are a tactic of terrorizing the population in order to push through the neoliberal destruction of welfare. These “protesters” are the wrecking crew of neoliberal economic reforms.

The only reason why it’s not extremely obvious to everybody is that the wrecking crew and its Bezos and Co backers have switched off our intellectual faculties by screaming something vaguely race-related. We hear “race” and we stop thinking. We let ourselves be robbed blind. Any capacity to resist dies.

80% of African Americans don’t want any reduction in policing. They want an increase. These “protesters” aren’t helping black people. They are helping the Bezoses of this world to rob me and you while we beg them to rob us some more.

10 thoughts on “Wrecking Crew”

  1. “push through the neoliberal destruction of welfare”

    Bad word choice, you say “welfare” and people think of things like food stamps and welfare. Basically this is about the government releasing itself of most obligations it’s traditionally had, like educating children, providing some semblance of public order, public libraries, parks, shared public spaces… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a bit like Y2K part of the problem then was that computerization was so widespread people had forgotten where it all was. Once public services start disappearing it’ll hit all sorts of things that people take for granted…

    If anything “welfare” in its traditional American meaning (the dole) will likely increase in the form of UBI…


  2. I wrote the previous comment before seeing this post and cliff clarified matters too. (Thanks, cliff. 🙂 )

    So, first police will be defunded, then government will ignore crime and the disappearance of “public order” & “shared public spaces”? How fast will this dystopian scenario happen? What will be defunded after police?

    I still hope things are not as bad as it sounds from cliff’s comment. American cities like NY had numerous periods of being underpoliced in the past, yet police and order returned. Businesses want to have safe spaces (sounds like a pun) in which to operate. Even in Internet age, physical business districts are unlikely to disappear.

    A pity nobody asks BLM activists how many African Americants they think will be killed, if police is truly defunded.

    When an African-American columnist wrote about a shooting of a black man by two white vigilantes (a white ex-cop and his son) in “Ahmaud Arbery’s death was horrible—but was it racist?”, he drew attention to :

    // First and foremost, it is troubling that a police officer advised the homeowner to rely on McMichael, a civilian, to help catch a suspect. It is easy to see how an arrangement like this might encourage a civilian to behave like a vigilante, secure in the knowledge that local police condone his vigilantism. Second, the initial decision not to press charges against the McMichaels raises concerns about prosecutorial bias—though we do not know whether the McMichaels benefitted from being white or from the “blue wall of silence” that can come with being a former police officer.

    Third, citizen’s arrest laws are fundamentally flawed: from the perspective of the arrestee, a citizen’s arrest can look no different from a mugging or kidnapping. Arbery, for example, had little reason to assume that the armed men chasing him had pure intentions; his decision to grab McMichael’s gun must be viewed in light of this fact. Moreover, civilians are not trained in de-escalation. If cops struggle to make peaceful arrests in tense situations, we should not be surprised that civilians struggle even more.



    1. //What will be defunded after police?//

      Best guess: schools and libraries. They’re already closed or partially closed. I’d be willing to bet that our local library, running curbside pickup and no in-the-library programs, can probably operate on 1/3 of its current staff. Why continue to pay the rest of them? And after a while, when it becomes obvious that only middle class white people are using it… well, why have a library at all?

      I have noticed some propaganda articles lately about how public nature reserves are now “racist”, and I have to wonder if that means that the state and national parks will be next on the chopping block.


      1. “state and national parks will be next on the chopping block”

        I really doubt if they’ll last much longer….

        Suddenly seeing X (public service) being criticized for being “racist” is probably a clue that it’s going to be cut.

        The fuss about racist orchestras is a dog whistle for cutting funding of the arts I assume (except a few horrible things that no one wants).

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        1. I can see it coming. But I still don’t really understand the why part. There’s no shortage of petty motivations, but for it to happen in a coordinated way and on a national scale… that’s puzzling. Are we funneling money to people or things that weren’t previously getting it, or are we scrabbling for diminishing resources like a bunch of crazed monkeys in a defunct tourist resort?


      2. Broadly agree, but I’m gonna have to nitpick “only middle class white people are using it.” In my city, and in the city of a friend I asked, it’s primarily lower class people who use the library. Middle class white people just use Amazon. That’s part of why it will be easy to get rid of them.


        1. During normal operation our library is used by everyone– particularly people who can’t afford home internet and new books. The programs they have in the library building, especially for kids, skew even more lower-income. But I’d bet money that demographic has shifted now that the library building is not open (thanks to covid). Now, using the library means reserving the books you want online, waiting two or three days for them to call you, and then driving to the library. They bring your books to the car. This eliminates many of the things non-middle-class people use the library for: events, preschool storytime, after-school outings, a safe, air-conditioned place to bring the kids for a couple of hours, access to computers and the internet, somewhere to sit and read magazines… and of course eliminates library access entirely for those who don’t have internet (you can probably do it over the phone, but you can’t use the catalog). We are still using the library, but because we can’t browse the stacks, we are using it a lot less than we normally would.

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          1. Oh yeah, the fact that library pickup is drive through only definitely changes things (although my friend without a car has been awkwardly walking to the drive though window.)


  3. I agree a out most black people wanting same or more police. But how and why do Bezos etc. benefit? Oh. You mean if all downtown stores are destroyed people will have to shop online. Ah.


  4. “These ‘protesters’ are the wrecking crew of neoliberal economic reforms.”

    I’m skeptical.

    ‘Defund the police’ most typically means spend less money on working class police and more money on the woke clerisy of social workers, teachers, professionals and holders of unemployable B.A. degrees. It’s a money grab, not a money shrink.

    It’s true, the hard core morons of Antifa along with opportunistic small-time criminal looters really want to hobble the police so that their looting and burning spree can continue without the inconvenience of arrest and imprisonment but I don’t think they will matter in the end.


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