Orange Bus Good

I went outside this morning and something felt strange in a really good, comforting way. And then I realized, orange school buses are back and there are groups of happy kids and parents waiting for them on every corner.

I was so happy, I almost cried.

11 thoughts on “Orange Bus Good”

  1. So lucky, our schools told us yesterday that there will be only online instruction in September and my work told me we will be telecommuting until the end on the year. I felt like crying all evening.

    Gyms, movie theaters and other entertainment venues are closed, restaurants are only allowed to serve outside (which will not be an option once it’s gets cold). Mall closes at 8. It’s just so ridiculous. I don’t get who benefits out of this stupidity. The cases are low statewide and they stopped reporting deaths, because I guess there isn’t any.


    1. “I don’t get who benefits out of this stupidity.”

      It’ll be maximum social disruption until after the election and Orange Man Bad will be said to be solely responsible for all of the attendant chaos.


      1. This actually helps Trump to get reelected and he doesn’t even need it. Everyone I know is voting for him, even though in the past they would vote for a Democratic candidate. People are fed up of political games at their expense. There are a few lunatics who are screaming really loud on Twitter so I guess and it might feel like the overall mood is anti-Trump, but that’s not the mood on your typical suburban street.


        1. “This actually helps Trump to get reelected…”

          You could be right but his opponents are betting heavily that creating maximum social disruption – terror by plague, riots, cancelling children’s education and recreation, economic recession – will set the stage for his defeat. Just because they think its true doesn’t make it true, of course, but your question was “who benefits” and they clearly believe they will benefit electorally.


            1. If they didn’t believe this strategy of creating a campaign of maximum social disruption would work, all of its elements would disappear in a matter of days.


              1. I’m completely with you. What I don’t get is why so many people fail to see it for what it is. How much manipulation can a person take without clocking on to what’s happening? I see people who take this completely seriously and I’m starting to think I’m crazy.


  2. // GSW: terror by plague, riots, cancelling children’s education and recreation, economic recession

    // Clarissa: Absolutely. It’s an electoral strategy. Let’s hope it fails for the sake of our future.

    I don’t think its purely an electoral strategy.

    Regarding coronavirus, Israel had more lockdowns and restrictions than most US places. For instance, unlike in US, masks have been mandatory in my country from the beginning of the virus spread till today. Many EU countries reacted faster and stricter than US w/o elections.

    As for riots, I’ve been wondering for a long time what Democratic mayors were thinking till this article about Chicago’s Democratic politicians’ backgrounds and history of failures at last provided an answer I can believe. (The entire article is short and very curious.)

    Professional incompetence is much likelier to be the reason for their destruction of the city than devious scheming of unmatched stupidity.

    // Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s first female black mayor, was also the progressives’ choice, though she had never held elected office or had substantial managerial experience. Her most important position in government previously had been as head of the police accountability board. Northwestern University, where I teach, nevertheless awarded her an honorary degree before she was a year into the mayor’s job, violating its own strictures against politically motivated choices.

    Given their backgrounds, it’s no surprise that the trio of Foxx, Lightfoot, and Pritzker has done nothing to halt the state and city’s decline.


      1. // Of course, Lori Lightfoot is incompetent. But somehow she’s never incompetent in a way that frustrates the leftist agenda.

        I think you may be mistaken here. Who do you suppose former business owners are going to vote for in the nearing elections? On a city level, will people vote for another Democratic candidate for a mayor?

        Lets put my theory aside and check when the votes start coming in how many people voted for Trump in Chicago, Seattle and Minneapolis. I am sure much more than in the previous round.


        1. Gosh, I so wish you were right. But I don’t believe it. Next time, they’ll vote for even more leftist candidates and will convince themselves that Lightfoot, DeBlasio and the rest of them were not radical enough.


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