Infinite Classroom

The classroom where I will teach my class of 18 students and then a class of 22 is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge. It goes all the way to infinity. Most of the seats are taped up to create 6 feet of distance in every direction. There are screens going all the way to the back of the classroom. It’s so far away, I’m not sure what’s there.

I’d never get this huge classroom if it weren’t for COVID. I’ll have to learn to give lectures to live up to the classroom. I now have the perfect excuse for that.

Hey, people who give lectures, what do you grade on? I need to learn some new grading strategies.

4 thoughts on “Infinite Classroom”

  1. In literature courses, I was graded on exams, quizzes, presentations and mini-essays as homework. By ‘mini-essays,’ I mean things like “read XYZ and write (half) a page on topic … ” or “choose a passage in a story we’re reading and do a close reading of it.” There were 4-5 such writing exercises during a course, each working on a different writing skill.


  2. Haha, that’s a very funny image. But better than online teaching, I suppose. I had lectures in 400+ seat lecture halls in my freshman year. I think I slept through most of them. As did most other students. One professor once quipped – it’s okay if you sleep, just don’t lean on the person next to you. 🙂

    That’s not a comment about your teaching. Great lecturers can definitely keep students awake. I just didn’t have many of those.

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  3. LOL I will also have a giant classroom this fall. I usually teach 100 or so students in a classroom with 4 white boards. No I have to teach with a document camera, which means I can’t move much or gesticulate, so it will be way more boring. Anyway, I assign weekly homework, which must be turned at some percentage in but doesn’t count toward the grade [they get penalized if they don’t turn it in, but not rewarded if they do; I do discussion (I work problems for them) so they get plenty of help]; I also do ungraded quizzes weekly, 5 min, we discuss them immediately, and they get to keep them to study; I have three midterms and a final (they need to answer questions, analyze graphs, and/or work out problems); some people in some classes assign term papers or have graded quizzes. You can create assignments and tests completely online (do you use Canvas)? If you have language courses, you can have them record short clips of themselves and post for you to grade pronunciation and whatnot. Otherwise, short-answer questions (several sentences), as they would answer verbally in class, those can all be written or if you prefer video recorded and uploaded.


    1. I’m Chair now, so I’m too important for language courses. 🙂

      I only had one real lecture class as a student and I loved it. I always wanted to do something like this, at least once. I’m very excited.

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