This brought a tear to my eyes:

4 thoughts on “Touched”

  1. Pay attention that the person who answered is YAIR Netanyahu, meaning PM’s son. Not Netanyahu himself.

    I checked wiki and turns out Yair is not merely outside politics but is an unemployed 29 old man living with his father.

    Btw, he became unemployed after expressing how he hates Arabs one time too many:

    “He previously worked as social media director for Shurat HaDin, an Israeli NGO that provides legal services to victims of terrorist attacks. Netanyahu was put on leave in March 2019 after deriding President Reuven Rivlin for his work on Arab-Israeli coexistence. […] Netanyahu lives at Beit Aghion, the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem.”

    His wiki page is short, informative and very funny, especially in light of your post:


  2. “he became unemployed after expressing how he hates Arabs one time too many…”

    So he should be cancelled?

    The curious thing about peace is that one must make it with one’s enemies. This is a lesson that the criminal gangs who control the Palestinians have never learned. With respect, and in relation to this post about Netanyahu’s son, I suggest you might take considerable comfort from the fact that in Israel it is possible to be seen making peace with one’s enemies without fear of getting shot in the head.

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