I’m Macedonian

It turns out that I’m extremely supportive of the government of Macedonia in spite of knowing nothing about it.

Which country’s government is the closest to your beliefs?

29 thoughts on “I’m Macedonian”

    1. I changed some of my answers and still ended up with Macedonia. Not that I have anything against it but I have zero knowledge about the place. I don’t know how I’m triggering it.


      1. Zdravo Clarissa! 🙂

        I am Macedonian, born in the capital Skopje (the birthplace of mother Theresa and Emperor Justinian), but have been living in the U.S. for most of my life. Macedonia is a charming place, with wonderful mountains and rivers, lakes, rich history and traditions. People are very welcoming, friendly, and youngsters have always followed the latest fashion, dress well and party a lot.

        However, the US Deep State and the EU installed in 2016 a brutal dictatorial regime that has literally destroyed the country. What you see happening in the U.S. now with Antifa and BLM, Soros and his gang first perfected in Macedonia (the Antifa types are in power there). They did this to put Macedonia in NATO. Grim reality at present.

        Because we are a small nation of 2 million people, and many countries covet our history and territory, there is much disinformation. It may be useful to use sites like this for background: http://www.historyofmacedonia.org

        If you want to know something specific, feel free to ask here or contact me at: zlatko.kovach@gmail.com


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  1. Btw, the countries that came last were (surprisingly) Russia with 7 and (not surprisingly) Iran with 5 & Saudi Arabia with 3.


  2. Uruguay……… what the ¿¿¿Uruguay??? I had 15…

    the US and Poland were tied at 11 points (along with Macedonia and some others…) Czech Republic was second with 14 (which makes a lot more sense).

    Pero al Uruguay yo no voy porque temo naufragar….

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  3. That was a very interesting quiz. I gave a lot of reactionary answers that aren’t even necessarily my considered opinion, but just kept it up to see what the outcome would be. And I was told that my match is with Japan! (and according to notes, South Korea and Indonesia are equally matched).


    1. // I wonder what state you get if you pick all the “state should not exist” options.


      I conducted the experiement of choosing the most neoliberal answers with minimum state involvement. The results were:


      Uruguay / Czech Republic

      Slovakia / United States

      Macedonia / Canada / Denmark / Poland / Switzerland / ISRAEL

      Russia / Japan



  4. Not a fan.

    The questions are manipulative as they demand simple yes or no answers – “do you support free trade” or “abortion generally legal on request.” And, the questions are heavily weighted to tease out who are “liberals,” in a purely American sense, and who are not. The narrative seems to be – “American liberals, what’s the matter with us? – see, other countries are so much more progressive” (this is a persistent ahistorical fantasy of the American “left.”)

    Many people would hold nuanced views on these questions – for example, most would likely support a complicated mix of support for free trade and protection depending on the situation. In every country over time, the balance of power between free trade and protection has shifted with protection being the 20th century norm before WWII and liberalized trade the norm after it. On the question of abortion, 53% of Canadians would support abortion on demand while 47% do not. The comparable split for the U.S.A. is 40% – 60%. So does that mean that Canada supports abortion on demand while the U.S.A. is against it?? – hardly.

    Not a fan.


  5. It is a weird test and yes, not very scientific, but the answers are still interesting. I tried it again, not giving actual views of mine but a set of views that would correspond to something I could live with or am even used to living with, even though I don’t agree with all, and I got Ecuador.


    1. “It is a weird test and yes, not very scientific, but the answers are still interesting.”

      Not surprising that the answers of almost everyone posting here turn out to be ‘anything other than the U.S.A.’ If I’m right, that’s the “progressive” narrative built into the structure of the questions. I first heard this voiced in Paris in the fall of 1968 from an earnest young American who solemnly declared to me that if Nixon won the election that he was never returning to his country. Yawn.


  6. I got Czech Republic, but there were a few things I could not really answer yes/no to. Always more like “yes, but only under these conditions” or “No, but it’s still better than…” And I don’t really know much about the Czech Republic (though apparently some of my ancestors came from there?), so have no basis to compare.

    But I think I would like to know more about the Czech Republic, now 😉


      1. Weirdly, without knowing anything about it beyond seeing a few photos, Prague is the only European city I’ve ever wanted to visit. I’m not much of a city person…

        thanks for the link


  7. Canada… Though I am not completely sure what “free trade” is and if some previous question about government regulations in business applies to “free trade” or not…


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