The Article of the Day…

… is “NYC is dead forever” by James Altucher.

I deeply dislike New York (but I absolutely 💝 Montreal💖 Chicago 💗 Seattle 💞 Baltimore ♥️ Philadelphia 💓 Toronto). Still, reading the article was painful. I can’t imagine what it feels like for somebody like Altucher who adores the city.

13 thoughts on “The Article of the Day…”

  1. James Altucher imagines the future of former NY employees working remotely from “Nashville, Miami, Austin, Denver, Salt Lake City, Dallas, etc. ”

    Yet, I think this commenter from Rod’s blog is closer to truth, unfortunately for those people:

    ” telework is NOT the new wave. If you don’t need to go ever go in to your office, your job is going to be outsourced. I don’t care how much cheaper your rural location is, it’s not cheaper than India and the population of your town is almost certainly not as highly educated as your company can get for a fraction of the cost out there. Telework in the US is the new first step of outsourcing, just like moving factories northern cities to rural southern areas was. ”

    Btw, Rod received interesting comments to his post “Big City Exodus.”

    “Let me ask you readers who live in big cities: are you planning to move away? Why? Where are you planning to go?
    For you who are planning to stay, tell us why.”


    1. Yeah, those idiots from NYC are going to move to nice places and turn them into hellholes by voting exactly like they always did. These people learn nothing.


      1. // You can’t outsource Altucher. He’s unique. The people he mentions, his in-group, they aren’t outsourceable.

        I wasn’t talking about a few famous entertainers, but about entire buildings in NY standing emptied of workers.

        Most people, who earned wonderful salaries in NY and now left the city to work via Zoom, will surely receive a huge pay cut soon, if not lose their jobs entirely.

        Altucher may not be outsourceable as an entrepreneur, but comedians performing in Stand Up NY already have no audience.


        1. I don’t know about wonderful salaries. There were many more people with pathetic salaries who had to shell out ridiculous rent money for poky, stinky apartments in ugly neighborhoods for the privilege of being in New York.

          And it’s not only NYC. It’s the New York state in general. I paid more for a studio in upstate NY than I did for a two-floor townhouse in rural Illinois. I could afford more on a $40,000 salary than a New Yorker on an $80,000.

          It’s not the people fleeing NYC we should be sorry for. It’s the towns they will destroy by bringing their culture with them. Notice how Altucher avoids blaming the political choices of New Yorkers for the collapse. They’ve learned nothing! They’ve shat up one place and are now moving on to shit on others! They aren’t blaming themselves for anything. It’s all bandwidth, virus, fate. It’s never their irresponsible voting and ridiculous snobbery.


  2. Thank you for sharing. This part stood out for me, the reason why he left: “And then in June, during rioting and looting, a second wave of NYCers (this time including me) left. I have kids. Nothing was wrong with the protests but I was a little nervous when I saw videos of rioters after curfew trying to break into my building.”

    Nothing is wrong with the protests, but it is better to move to Florida so one doesn’t have to live in the middle of that mess. The hypocrisy and selfishness is astounding and I am having a hard time feeling any sympathy for this person and for his losses. It’s people like him who are a big part of the problem. I feel sorry for those left behind in New York. Not everyone has resources to just pick up and leave.

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    1. Exactly. This is exactly how I feel. There’s zero self-awareness among the fleeing New Yorkers. They will start transforming the places they come to into the mess they escaped by fleeing NYC.


          1. Sigh. DeSantis is one of the better governors we’ve had. And he was this close to losing to a man who turns up incoherent in hotel rooms with meth and gay hookers. Another 10k NY and NJ transplants, and the next gubernatorial election will trash the whole state! Then where am I going to move to?


  3. I am a lifelong New Yorker. I hate the idiots here who voted for these idiots and I have no choice to get someone better because I am in the minority. I own my home. The grandparents are here. I would leave but it’s a pain in the ass and no guarantee the new place won’t turn to shit because of my idiots moving there. It really sucks.

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