Not Watching the Convention

People who ask if I’m watching the DNC convention don’t get me at all. I couldn’t force myself to watch even when I thought people on stage weren’t complete lunatics. I’m watching Tucker ridicule the mailbox hoax. I truly thought I’d seen it all but this hoax is really out there.

By the way, I had three conversations today where people said, “did you hear, Trump is narrowing the lead in the polls, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, wow, but I’m glad.” One couldn’t get over the COVID-mongering and two were done in by the riots.

You should have heard what these people thought about Trump in 2016. I mean, you have heard it. We were all saying it back then with not an inkling what was about to start happening.


The president of my union, a person who has known me for years and who worked with me when I was a union rep accused me today of being “willing to sacrifice the lives of a large mass of people because it’s convenient.” This was in response to me saying that I freely chose to teach in person and was excited to go back to the classroom.

People have been brainwashed beyond belief.

Watch Shark Tank

I had my first meeting with the Dean and two Associate Deans today. The subject of the conversation was supposed to be them chewing me out for enrollments so low that several professors can’t make their teaching loads. (Which is a result of some decisions made previously that turned out to be… not great).

The meeting went amazingly well. I got 100% of what I wanted and what my faculty members wanted.


And all why?

Because I watch Shark Tank. What do the billionaires always tell budding entrepreneurs?

Know your numbers.

So I sat for an hour before the meeting and memorized the numbers. I rode those numbers like a bastard. Those numbers haven’t had anybody flogging them as bad as I did today since last century. The Dean said I’m the most informed Chair he’s seen in… a long time.

Watch Shark Tank, people, is all I can say.

I Rest My Case

The first sentence of my application for promotion is:

Between the time I applied for tenure and today (2015-2020), I published one book, 11 peer-reviewed articles, three chapters in edited volumes, a literary translation of a novel, and 7 book reviews.

Do I really need to say anything else? I did a buttload of other stuff but do I really need to say more?

Day 153

Governor Pritzker (also known as the neoliberal bastard of the decade) has found some utterly incomprehensible metric that is allowing him to send us back to “stage 3 of reopening” just to mess with our heads.

Classes start next week and we are hit with a new round of incomprehensible “measures.”

This is Day 153 of “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

I’m not surprised by Pritzker. It’s the (overwhelming majority of utterly incomprehensible) people who stun me.

Health Hazard

From Santa Barbara Daily News, 1918:

My masks definitely are a health hazard. Does anybody here really throw away the single use ones after every use? Or wash the cloth ones after every use?

Also, I don’t understand how mask-wearing can co-exist with the idea of not touching your face too much. Here’s how I use my single-use mask:

I put it on to walk from the entrance of my building to my office.

Take it off.

Work for 5 minutes, remember I need to say something to the secretary, grab a mask (which might be the one still lying on the desk since last week), put it on, go talk to the secretary.

Take it off.

Somebody knocks on the door, comes in, I grab the mask put it on. The person says, “hi, I’m in the office if you need me.” Leaves.

Take it off.

Work for a while, decide I need to go to the library / the bathroom / the lab, etc, put it on, leave the building, begin to sweat profusely under the mask, mixing makeup with sweat, return back to the office.

Take it off.

This repeats about 40 times until I’m ready to leave. I put it on, walk to my car, get in, toss it on the car seat, drive to the preschool. Put it on, get out of the car, start sweating again like a bastard because it’s extremely hot and humid, pick up Klara, go back to the car.

Take it off and if I’m feeling extremely virtuous, I might not reuse it the next day.

Now, can anybody explain what important health purpose I’m serving with this? Am I supposed to throw them away every time I take a trip to the bathroom? Does anybody really do that? Does the majority do that?