The president of my union, a person who has known me for years and who worked with me when I was a union rep accused me today of being “willing to sacrifice the lives of a large mass of people because it’s convenient.” This was in response to me saying that I freely chose to teach in person and was excited to go back to the classroom.

People have been brainwashed beyond belief.

7 thoughts on “Genocidal”

  1. “accused me today of being ‘willing to sacrifice the lives of a large mass of people because it’s convenient.'”

    You should have punched him in the mouth for that blatant insult.


  2. This reminds me of a subculture with which I am reasonably familiar: the world of ‘effective altruism’, ‘existential risk’, ‘friendly AI’ and so forth. These are people who are trying to do things like, do the most good, save the world, etc. The futurists among them often see this time on Earth as the moment which will decide between possible futures as different as, an intergalactic human civilization, an intergalactic inhuman civilization (in which inhuman AI has inherited our mantle), and extinction.

    This can lead to situations in which intimate personal, social, or organizational decisions, are believed to have world-historical consequences. I suppose the same thing has happened many times in recent centuries, among social activists (and also throughout history, amongst religious true believers), the novelty here is just that this often involves posthuman technological futurism.

    In any case, your anecdote reveals to me that the mass psychology of the Covid response, includes some similar attitudes, thanks to the fear is that breaking any of the new taboos, could lead to a mass outbreak and kill lots of people. It’s an interesting realization.

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    1. If you can save MASSES OF LIVES by not showing up at work, what’s not to love, you know?

      I’m sure people are sincere bit somehow they always find opportunities to save lives by working less, not more.


  3. I don’t think the union rep is going to do anything against you for your covid-pinions. He just shouted some “angry nonsense” which will result in what, exactly? You’re going to cruise to your promotion (that you worked very hard at by publishing diligently.)


    1. I’m not scared of the union rep. I’m sad because we used to have a great relationship. And now I don’t know how to talk to him because this isn’t a normal reaction. It’s like burying a relationship that existed for a decade.


  4. I just can’t control everyone. One of my classes is zooming because it has immunocompromised people in it, and on the zoom some of the others were sitting in the building where we would have had class. So now I am going to zoom from the classroom. I had thought I’d do it at home, because I’d thought I’d be the only one in the building, and that people disapproved, but it seems the students are hanging out there anyway, so what the heck…


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