Not Watching the Convention

People who ask if I’m watching the DNC convention don’t get me at all. I couldn’t force myself to watch even when I thought people on stage weren’t complete lunatics. I’m watching Tucker ridicule the mailbox hoax. I truly thought I’d seen it all but this hoax is really out there.

By the way, I had three conversations today where people said, “did you hear, Trump is narrowing the lead in the polls, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, wow, but I’m glad.” One couldn’t get over the COVID-mongering and two were done in by the riots.

You should have heard what these people thought about Trump in 2016. I mean, you have heard it. We were all saying it back then with not an inkling what was about to start happening.

9 thoughts on “Not Watching the Convention”

  1. See, I’m avoiding the convention because I’m burnt out on political horse race nonsense. You’re avoiding the convention but you’re not burnt out on political nonsense — it’s not in a flavor you want to digest. 🤷

    I decided to (re)watch Dostana. I like my brainless silliness to be fun.


  2. “I couldn’t force myself to watch”

    Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. This “virtual conference” ran like a ridiculously long, amateurish Zoom conference of disconnected smiling faces endlessly chanting “Unity” and “Let’s come together” for the first hour. Then the featured speakers came on: three nationally-known female Republican ex-politicians (former N.J. governor Christine Whitman, etc.) who spoke for THIRTY SECONDS each about what a jerk Trump is and how Joe Biden is such a wonderful and caring and competent human being. John Kasich’s much-hyped speech (showing him literally standing at a crossroads) lasted THREE MINUTES; Bernie’s speech, EIGHT MINUTES. Main speaker Michelle Obama went for a full TWENTY MINUTES and looked like she was going to start crying at any moment.

    What’s wrong with America? Their answers were either Trump’s general malignant divisiveness, or specifics like systemic racism and cops firing tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters. Everything for the last three years has been all Trump’s fault, and benevolent Joe Biden is the savior that can fix it all.

    But during the conference, I’d periodically switch to Fox News, and see last night’s video of that truck driver being kicked in the head and beaten senseless by rioters on the EIGHTY-PLUS night of non-stop rioting, with no cops or National Guard or any other government authority in sight, and that brought it all back to reality.


    1. I watched bits and pieces and it was was basically what we have heard for the last 4 years on CNN: Trump is a danger to our democracy. I still don’t understand what it exactly means, but I’m wondering whether one can win election solely on saying we are not Trump. There was not a single word on what they want to do to improve things.

      The highlight was the chick who lost her father to Corona saying it was Trumps fault because her father didn’t have any preexisting conditions. All the while they showed photos of him being seriously obese.

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      1. “All the while they showed photos of him being seriously obese.”

        That’s Trump’s fault too. If you “don’t understand” what that “exactly means,” that’s your fault.


        1. You laugh but I know somebody who is developing a drinking problem “because of Trump.” Trump upsets him so much, he’s forced to drink. Never mind that his father was an alcoholic who died of cirrhosis at 56. That can’t possibly be a factor.

          [I’m not talking about N, by the way. He didn’t have any alcoholics in the family. Theirs is a case of, “I’d rather they just drank.”]


          1. Sad. Drunks are never funny. They always have dozens of excuses to explain their drinking.

            But Trump duped those poor unfortunates into drinking aquarium cleaner so I suppose it’s not surprising that he’s been encouraging alcoholism in every nook and cranny of the free world.


            1. It’s extremely sad. The guy I’m talking about has 3 kids. I’ve tried to talk to him but he can “quit anytime,” the usual. Very sad. He’s waiting for Trump to be voted out to quit. And we all know how that will work out.


              1. “It’s extremely sad… 3 kids”

                Not sure that our prayers for drunks aren’t wasted, they have to seek out their own healing, but I’ll remember the family next time I’m able to light a candle in church.


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