Watch Shark Tank

I had my first meeting with the Dean and two Associate Deans today. The subject of the conversation was supposed to be them chewing me out for enrollments so low that several professors can’t make their teaching loads. (Which is a result of some decisions made previously that turned out to be… not great).

The meeting went amazingly well. I got 100% of what I wanted and what my faculty members wanted.


And all why?

Because I watch Shark Tank. What do the billionaires always tell budding entrepreneurs?

Know your numbers.

So I sat for an hour before the meeting and memorized the numbers. I rode those numbers like a bastard. Those numbers haven’t had anybody flogging them as bad as I did today since last century. The Dean said I’m the most informed Chair he’s seen in… a long time.

Watch Shark Tank, people, is all I can say.

3 thoughts on “Watch Shark Tank”

    1. I’m in charge now, so I’m responsible. And I say things like “in 2018 we made the decision” when I was the only person voting against the blasted decision back then!


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