I never thought I’d say this but today I really respect AOC.

Plot Thickens

Turns out that the man who was beaten to a bloody pulp by peaceful protesters in Portland the other day was in the process of helping a transgender woman who had been victimized by said peaceful protesters.

While the man was getting beaten by peaceful protesters, the transwoman managed to escape and the police are now looking for her to get her version of events. It’s not surprising that the poor individual is in hiding, of course. But at least the police now know the name of the most peaceful of the peaceful protesters who bashed in the victim’s skull with his very peacefully protesting feet.

The other ten peaceful protesters who beat the man are still out there, bringing social justice to the masses and making the world a better place.

Here’s the police press release.

Too American

I sincerely don’t understand why Michelle Obama had to speak at the convention. What has she done of any interest to anybody?

I’m not saying this in a political way. I’d feel exactly the same about Melania speaking at an RNC years after the end of Trump’s terms.

This is a very American thing that I’ll never comprehend. Why do we need to hear from ex-politicians’ relatives?

The Resistance Is Beginning

A great article by Yoram Hazony in Quillette:

I know that many liberals believe that this rejection of Trump’s legitimacy was directed only at him, personally. They believe, as a liberal friend wrote to me recently, that when this particular president is removed from office, America will be able to return to normal. But nothing of the sort is going to happen. The Marxists who have seized control of the means of producing and disseminating ideas in America cannot, without betraying their cause, confer legitimacy on any conservative government. And they cannot grant legitimacy to any form of liberalism that is not supine before them. This means that whatever President Trump’s electoral fortunes, the “resistance” is not going to end. It is just beginning.

This is absolutely true. And “conservative” doesn’t mean Republican. To the people breaking windows in Portland, Biden and Harris are very conservative. Never mind that they don’t look conservative to you. The marauding crowds see them as such, which is all that matters. They would see Bernie Sanders as conservative, too, the second he got inaugurated. The second he gets in office, Bernie – or anybody else – becomes an emissary of evil.

Remember Obama? I wrote about this back in 2009 but nobody noticed. The Lefty circles were all rah-rah for Obama until the day he won the election. Literally, on the next day they started ranting about how he’s not good enough, not radical enough, too conservative, etc. Yes, to the majority of the population words “Obama” and “conservative” don’t belong in the same sentence. But the majority of the population isn’t beating up drivers and burning buildings. The “protesters” perceive the whole system of power and every established institution within our society as intolerable violence. And the moment you join the system – even with the goal of reforming it – you become an agent of violence.

Biden and Harris are going to be the next Trump. Everybody is going to be the next Trump. For as long as we grant even a modicum of legitimacy to the “protesters,” it won’t end. They’ll want more and more. You can’t appease them. You definitely can’t appease them by throwing them such an old, dessicated bone as Biden. The Resistance is just beginning. Historically, the only way it stops is when somebody really unhinged is brought to power by the “protesters” and he drowns them (and everybody else) in blood.

There is an alternative. It’s not to grant them legitimacy. It’s to stop saying, “yes, some people went too far but the cause itself is good and most protesters are there for that good cause.” With all due respect, this is a position of a useful idiot. Historically, the useful idiots get drowned in blood immediately after the shock squads of “peaceful mobs.”

A Real Protest

In Belarus, decent, wonderful people are protesting against a brutal dictatorship and demanding freedom and democracy. The dictatorship is subjecting protesters to torture.

Do you know how many stores the protesters looted? How many buildings they vandalized? How many bystanders they beat to a bloody pulp? How many little old ladies they bullied?

None, none, none, and once again none.

The protesters in Belarus take off their shoes to climb on a benches during a protests. Because it’s not OK to rubbish up a place you are trying to defend.