A Real Protest

In Belarus, decent, wonderful people are protesting against a brutal dictatorship and demanding freedom and democracy. The dictatorship is subjecting protesters to torture.

Do you know how many stores the protesters looted? How many buildings they vandalized? How many bystanders they beat to a bloody pulp? How many little old ladies they bullied?

None, none, none, and once again none.

The protesters in Belarus take off their shoes to climb on a benches during a protests. Because it’s not OK to rubbish up a place you are trying to defend.

2 thoughts on “A Real Protest”

  1. “The protesters in Belarus ”

    That’s because BLM and Antifa and whoever is wrecking American cities aren’t protesting anything. As you’ve said successful protests have concrete demands and are addressed to those who can fulfill them.

    Belarus protestors
    demand: Łukašenka needs to leave
    addressed to: Łukašenka
    (yeah it’s a bit more complex than that but it can be boiled down to that where Łukašenka refers to more than one corrupt politician – and I’m using the Belarusian spelling because Russians and Łukašenka himself hate that).

    BLM “protestors”
    A bunch of slogans addressed to people who have power to actually make them come true

    Antifa “protestors”
    Basically the same.

    If anything BLM-Antifa are the Łukašenka’s of the west by now…. (not in terms of power but in terms of tactics).


    1. I especially love headlines of “Protesters Beat a Man Unconscious.” The insanity is complete. And it won’t end until it becomes impossible to call the unhinged goons “protesters.”

      Thank you for using the Belarusian spelling. It’s very appreciated.


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