The Resistance Is Beginning

A great article by Yoram Hazony in Quillette:

I know that many liberals believe that this rejection of Trump’s legitimacy was directed only at him, personally. They believe, as a liberal friend wrote to me recently, that when this particular president is removed from office, America will be able to return to normal. But nothing of the sort is going to happen. The Marxists who have seized control of the means of producing and disseminating ideas in America cannot, without betraying their cause, confer legitimacy on any conservative government. And they cannot grant legitimacy to any form of liberalism that is not supine before them. This means that whatever President Trump’s electoral fortunes, the “resistance” is not going to end. It is just beginning.

This is absolutely true. And “conservative” doesn’t mean Republican. To the people breaking windows in Portland, Biden and Harris are very conservative. Never mind that they don’t look conservative to you. The marauding crowds see them as such, which is all that matters. They would see Bernie Sanders as conservative, too, the second he got inaugurated. The second he gets in office, Bernie – or anybody else – becomes an emissary of evil.

Remember Obama? I wrote about this back in 2009 but nobody noticed. The Lefty circles were all rah-rah for Obama until the day he won the election. Literally, on the next day they started ranting about how he’s not good enough, not radical enough, too conservative, etc. Yes, to the majority of the population words “Obama” and “conservative” don’t belong in the same sentence. But the majority of the population isn’t beating up drivers and burning buildings. The “protesters” perceive the whole system of power and every established institution within our society as intolerable violence. And the moment you join the system – even with the goal of reforming it – you become an agent of violence.

Biden and Harris are going to be the next Trump. Everybody is going to be the next Trump. For as long as we grant even a modicum of legitimacy to the “protesters,” it won’t end. They’ll want more and more. You can’t appease them. You definitely can’t appease them by throwing them such an old, dessicated bone as Biden. The Resistance is just beginning. Historically, the only way it stops is when somebody really unhinged is brought to power by the “protesters” and he drowns them (and everybody else) in blood.

There is an alternative. It’s not to grant them legitimacy. It’s to stop saying, “yes, some people went too far but the cause itself is good and most protesters are there for that good cause.” With all due respect, this is a position of a useful idiot. Historically, the useful idiots get drowned in blood immediately after the shock squads of “peaceful mobs.”

10 thoughts on “The Resistance Is Beginning”

  1. Very true. One thing that troubles me a lot is the illegible nature of this movement. The linguistic shiftiness, the pretense of being ‘leaderless’, the use of chaos and ‘virality’ to achieve its goals. Not knowing much about communism around the world – is this illegibility common in history or unique to his moment in the US? If it was common – what are useful ways of resistance? James Lindsay’s doing a great job but if we need to compile an encyclopedia to resist these ideas, we’re not going to get too far.


    1. Illegibility is definitely the main quality. The goal is to make sure that nobody is completely innocent. Everybody should live in constant fear of being revealed as evil. Only then can you really control people.


  2. The difference perhaps between the administrations is that Trump has no moral credibility to crack down on white liberals in Portland. Any step he takes to escalate/inflame the situation will blow back on him stronger. What will stop the protesters is a combination of force + legitimacy. What this entails in the real world would be to misdirect the movement with some real (or perhaps token) concessions to the protesters, followed by a subtle crackdown that happens (preferably when the media is distracted by something else).


    1. The only reason rioters are doing what they are is because we have collectively granted them legitimacy. Any concessions will solidify that and make them even more aggressive.

      People could have looted the Magnificent Mile at any time. But they did it now because we have convinced ourselves that they are entitled to a spot of looting.


  3. The term ‘Marxist’ sounds unsuitable since today’s woke are completely different from the Decembrists or Lenin’s followers. Every time I see ‘Marxist’ in an American article, I cannot help wondering whether it’s another iteration of American obsession with ‘communism’, and they use this old unsuitable word instead of making a (great) effort to search for new concepts describing 21st century’s realities. You said Sanders offers old solutions; may not Republicans diagnose the old problems?

    In case I don’t understand what ‘Marxist’ means today, want to ask you about this:

    “Marxist political theories have undergone much development and elaboration over nearly two centuries. The story of how “neo-Marxism” emerged after the First World War … how much influence was exerted on various successor movements by Michel Foucault, post-modernism, and more.”

    Do you know a good accessible book I can read about those developments? It sounds fascinating. Reading an entire book about Marx alone sounds boring, but to see the source and then proceed to Foucault and post-modernism would’ve been fascinating.


    1. El: you are absolutely right. I hate this emptying of the word “Marxism” of any meaning. It’s like “fascism” when it’s used to say “something I vaguely dislike.”

      BLM are Marxist like I’m a member of the Hitlerjugend. It’s ridiculous. You can’t be a pro-capital anti-worker Marxist. You just can’t. Marx didn’t write Das Kapital to say “rah-rah for capital, and screw workers who aren’t refined enough to matter.” One doesn’t need to agree with Marx in any way to notice that this isn’t what he was about. He thought that industrial workers were the most progressive class in history. It’s stupid but that was his thing. And BLMers are clearly not about that.


      1. And yes, Marxism has evolved but it can never evolve in the direction of embracing monopolistic capital. It’s like psychoanalysis evolving to embrace psychotropic meds. There’s got to be some foundational principle that can’t be ditched without throwing the whole thing out.


      2. // BLM are Marxist like I’m a member of the Hitlerjugend.

        Glad to hear that. Wondered what you thought after you recommended this article.

        Are there any good books about the development of Marxist theories from Marx till today?


          1. // I have no idea if anybody has done work like that. I haven’t seen anything.

            Had you written a book like that, would it had been treated as a valuable research, or not – even if you included your insights and analysis of today’s situation – since most things are already known, only not in a condensed fashion?

            Usually readers ask you for posts, I am the only one with enough ‘hutzpah’ to hint about a book. 🙂

            You said you are a Marxist, so know the field well. Pity there isn’t a book like that. I am nearing the end of my summer holidays, so wanted a good book before the very work-heavy year starts.

            If anybody writes it, it’ll become a best seller, especially in today’s political climate. 🙂 🙂


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