Real Respect

The people I really respect are sincere and enthusiastic Democrats who think Biden and Harris are great but who don’t buy into the COVID panic. It must be very hard to make reason prevail over a sentiment that is so powerful in your circle and in the media you trust.

Yes, they do exist. I talked to one today.

A Cruel Experiment

This is getting to the level of parody.

I don’t know what’s more insane, the idea that doctors can only be black or white, the suggestion that white doctors are so evil that they murder black babies, or the fact that it’s possible to see “shocking racial disparities” in the gap between 99,11% and 99,37%.

Jokes aside, what purpose does this serve other than to create great stress and anxiety for black women who arrive at a hospital to give birth, see a white doctor, feel terrified, and experience a spike in blood pressure? If anything is going to harm black babies, it’s not white doctor voodoo but stoking fears in already hormonal and scared pregnant women.

Cancelling Susan B.

When I saw Democrats saying nasty things about Susan B. Anthony (the NYTimes called her divisive and a racist), I realized that Trump must have said something nice about her.

How, how can people fail to see that turning a single person into the measure of good and evil is abnormal? It’s really creepy. They don’t have a single opinion that isn’t completely dependent on Trump.

I’ve never been this in thrall to another human being. Not since I stopped being an infant, at least.

The Zookeepers

Now that I’m a low-level administrator, I feel very embarrassed when I think about how we, the professors, must look to the janitors, cafeteria workers, building managers, and all of the people who work hard on campus, without whining, without drama, and without constantly pointing out how they are huge victims of everything.

They must feel like zookeepers who take care of a group of particularly obnoxious monkeys.

I feel this especially strongly in the midst of the discussion among professors about whether to shut down the campus again. There are so many people on campus who have been working their tails off to make sure classes can start. And we are going to tell them, “OK, bye, you aren’t wanted any more, we don’t need what you’ve accomplished.” All this because we are a bunch of politicized, self-important twats who feel the need to “save lives.” But we never ask these workers what they want. It’s like they are servants, to be discarded unthinkingly.

The workers were always there but this is so much easier to see now when really big decisions are made and nobody even mentions that the workers exist. Except to narc on them when one is glimpsed without a mask on an empty campus.