A Cruel Experiment

This is getting to the level of parody.

I don’t know what’s more insane, the idea that doctors can only be black or white, the suggestion that white doctors are so evil that they murder black babies, or the fact that it’s possible to see “shocking racial disparities” in the gap between 99,11% and 99,37%.

Jokes aside, what purpose does this serve other than to create great stress and anxiety for black women who arrive at a hospital to give birth, see a white doctor, feel terrified, and experience a spike in blood pressure? If anything is going to harm black babies, it’s not white doctor voodoo but stoking fears in already hormonal and scared pregnant women.

13 thoughts on “A Cruel Experiment”

  1. Imagine the reaction if somebody claimed that white babies were three times more likely to die when looked after by black doctors.


  2. “the idea that doctors can only be black or white…”

    Or that multiple doctors and nurses don’t work in teams and in shifts to deliver and provide care for newborns.


  3. I have questions about the methodology of this study. Does the data indicate change over time? Has the number of black doctors increased or decreased over time? How many years does it cover? How do they define white doctors? All the doctors in my area seem to be from Lebanon and Pakistan. Are they white? Black? Not counted in the study? Is there any difference in the survival rate of white infants depending on the race of the doctors caring for them? Are white doctors more likely to be specialists that you go to if you have pregnancy complications or a sick kid? Are white and black doctors more or less likely to serve affluent or low-income clientele? What other factors did the study control for? Income? Age of parents? Number of parents? Lead exposure? Number of siblings? Number and relatedness of other people living in the same home?

    So many questions.


    1. All these questions – and many more – would anybody publish an article about how Jewish / Arab / Hispanic / Asian, etc doctors murder babies from other groups without answering all of them and not even then?

      There’s a million busy idiots linking and citing this arrant nonsense. What if a baby dies and a doctor gets killed for murdering the baby? Do they understand what they are doing to parents? And to grieving parents who are already insane with pain?

      Who does this kind of shit, seriously.


      1. I’m particularly upset because – maybe some people don’t know – I lost my son at 39 weeks 2 days of pregnancy, and I find it inhuman that somebody would exploit these feelings to stoke racial hatred. You’ve got to be the shittiest piece of human refuse to publish this article.


    2. “So many questions”

      What, you have questions? What kind of monster doesn’t realize that “white racism” is the deus ex machina of modern life?

      Check your privilege, dude!


      1. Not just CNN, it’s everywhere on corporate/social media as it custom fits the wokester structural racism narrative.


        1. Terrible. People aren’t even considering the damage they are doing. It’s fun to them but it can cause enormous harm to parents.

          I’m very disgusted right now.


  4. Not “murdering.” Just not trying as hard, and that can happen without conscious intention. It’s interesting that the coordination didn’t seem to make a difference in maternal mortality, but did in infant mortality.


    1. It didn’t make a difference in infant mortality either. The numbers are within statistical margin of error.

      This is a dishonest, manipulative piece of garbage. I can’t believe people are buying this. At least, in the USSR we weren’t gullible about the propaganda we were fed.


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