Cancelling Susan B.

When I saw Democrats saying nasty things about Susan B. Anthony (the NYTimes called her divisive and a racist), I realized that Trump must have said something nice about her.

How, how can people fail to see that turning a single person into the measure of good and evil is abnormal? It’s really creepy. They don’t have a single opinion that isn’t completely dependent on Trump.

I’ve never been this in thrall to another human being. Not since I stopped being an infant, at least.

One thought on “Cancelling Susan B.”

  1. ” Democrats saying nasty things about Susan B. Anthony ”

    How the times change I still remember that it was Jimmy Carter’s administration that bragged about being the first to put an American woman on currency
    “I am particularly pleased that the new dollar coin will—for the first time in history—bear the image of a great American woman. The life of Susan B. Anthony exemplifies the ideals for which our country stands”
    For various reasons the Susan B. Anthony dollar wasn’t accepted by the public…

    Also, the American composer Virgil Thomson wrote an opera based on her life “The Mother of Us All”. Unfortunately the libretto by Gertrude Stein is kind of …. disorganized (not as disorganized as “four saints in three acts”)

    In 1976 the Santa Fe Opera company revived and recorded it during the bicentennial year. One thing I remember in the opera is a discussion she has with a black man asking him if he exercise his right to vote if she were denies…. he enthusiastically answers yes.


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