Sad Sacks

Can anybody watch 30 seconds of this really pathetic Zoom DNC and not understand why I don’t want to teach online?

I’m not making a political statement. I’m speaking solely about the format. It all looks so pitiful. And all I saw were a couple of short clips on Twitter.

One thought on “Sad Sacks”

  1. I am of the opinion that a good online class is more like a blog than it is like a movie/show in that online classes should be largely textual. Zoom is OK for student conferences but that’s about it. I think online instructors should largely forget about “live events” and deliver most content asynchronously.

    Last semester, I taped all lectures and posted weekly discussions questions. Students would answer questions and also respond to one another regarding the lecture and readings for the week. For some of my quiet students, I was amazed at how thoughtful they were when they had the time and space to type out comments. (I did meet with students about their essays via Zoom.) Overall, it worked out very well. Better than I could have predicted, actually. I still think f2f is superior to online education; still, an online class can work well. It just needs to be fundamentally transformed from the f2f structure. You can’t take a live format and force it online–which is essentially what the DNC tried to do with the convention. Online will always be far worse under those circumstances.

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