Early Childhood Education

If all of those well-meaning and loving parents from the article I linked previously quit the idiotic committees on how improve schools and went home to be with their kids, that would have a dramatically positive effect on the kids.

A mom who is folding laundry while the kids are pottering around with their toys at her feet is doing a million times more for their brain development than the mom sitting at the stupid committee.

I’m not saying this as a layperson but as somebody with an exotically long background in pedagogy and early childhood education. I grew up in a family of pedagogues and started reading books on early childhood development at six. Seriously, that’s what I did. The books were all samizdat because they were illegal in the USSR. I perceived these books that were typewritten, hidden in secret places, and passed from hands to hands by whispering adults as something extremely fascinating, so I devoured them.

Children need their parents to just be there. Not doing anything in particular, hanging out, shooting the breeze. That’s what develops children’s brains and not committees on diversity, “integrated schools” of after-hours school programs.

Surveillance Lockdowns

Remember also that living in surveillance capitalism means that the digital oligarchy knows more about what we are like than we do about ourselves.

There can be no doubt that there are teams of researchers analyzing the patterns of our behavior during lockdowns. If there were any evidence that lockdowns are bad for business, would there be any lockdowns? Think about it. Bubonic cholera or plague wouldn’t stop the digital oligarchy from making a buck. We’d all have our asses back at work right now if it were more profitable to have us there than at home.

Navalny Is in a Coma

Wow, Navalny is in a coma.

Not a fan of the guy but this is horrid. He is the last dissident in Russia. The rest are all dead or in jail.

Navalny is my age and very fit. For him suddenly to be on death’s door (apparently, he’s been poisoned) cannot be normal.

P.S. New readers, please put “Navalny” in the search box of this blog if you want to find out who he is.

Will Biden/Harris Stop the Riots?

Biden and Harris are both widely known for having absolutely no beliefs or positions of their own. They’ll say whatever their pollsters tell them will work at any moment.

Once they are elected, it won’t be the pollsters that they listen to but their donors.

Who are their donors? We all know that Wall Street and the Silicone Valley pushed through Harris as their candidate and are going into overdrive to convince you to vote for her. (See the recent, abjectly groveling coverage in Jeff Bezos’s newspaper).

What do Wall Street and Silicone Valley want? Do they want more lockdowns and riots of less?

Well, SNP went higher the other day than it was before corona. The stock market had momentarily buckled in the face of corona but has been doing great since then.

Bezos and Co are aggressively pro lockdowns and riots (notice who is censored by YouTube, Twitter and FB and read WashPo if you don’t get why I say this). So both must be great for business.

When Bezos and Co buy the presidency for Biden and Harris, will they be buying less or more riots and lockdowns that have been so good for business?