Biden and Harris are running to accelerate the work that lockdowns and riots started.

Whether you think that’s a good thing or not is for you to decide.

6 thoughts on “Accelerate”

    1. That poll was the only one that correctly predicted PA and OH in 2016, so they aren’t completely useless. I don’t believe Minnesota is really in play but I do hope that this poll reveals that Minnesotans have finally had it with these riots and all that crap. On the other hand, they are returning Ilhan Omar, so they might be still completely dumb.


  1. A fantastic article from The Bellows. “A Cultural Revolution Without a Mao.”

    “Why would corporations support this movement, and why these corporations in particular? While President Trump has not had many keystone achievements, his presidency has frustrated the interests of certain economic sectors. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was scuttled as a result of the 2016 election, and Trump’s tariffs and trade war have harmed profits for many American businesses, even drawing the ire of Apple, the world’s largest corporation by market cap. Corporations like Apple operate under a business model that relies on cheap manufacturing labor, primarily in China, and a large external market, primarily in America. Businesses operating under this model have had their profits decline under Trump’s tariffs. For these corporations, this revolution is more about returning transnational capital to a place of unquestioned primacy than it is about protesting the abuses of police power.”


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