Freak Show

I honestly don’t understand what Democrats are doing anymore. This digital DNC has been a veritable freak show of misfits and maniacs of all sorts.

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  2. “This digital DNC has been a veritable freak show of misfits and maniacs of all sorts.”

    If you thought the last three nights of the DNC were bizarre beyond belief, I hope you’re recording tonight’s finale!

    The first speaker was Andrew Yang, who was only added to the speakers’ list at the last minute after he bellyached about being initially excluded. He spoke for exactly two minutes, saying EXACTLY what every other speaker has said the last three days (“Our democracy is doomed if Trump isn’t defeated…Joe Biden is an absolutely wonderful human being…etc.”).

    Then (I’m not making this up) he and tonight’s celebrity host (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) spent another minute doing a slapstick comedy routine pretending they couldn’t pronounce Vice President Pence’s name:

    “How do you pronounce his name? Is it “PUNTS’?” (Hah! Hah! Hah!)

    “I think it’s ‘PINTS’.” (Hah! Hah! Hah!)

    “No, it must be ‘POUNCE!'” (Hah! Hah! Hah!)

    I REALLY wish that WordPress would show my smiley face icons correctly instead of as squares, so I could accurately display my delighted contempt at the Democrats’ idiocy.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. I wish Mark Twain was alive and writing about this Democratic Freak Show. Maybe he could say something to shame them into reality…..and with a smile on his face!

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  4. I hesitate to comment on Biden’s acceptance speech, because clearly my ears heard something entirely different than the liberal commentators on CNN and MSNBC, and even a few kind-hearted hosts on Fox News.

    They heard a firm, well-delivered, passionate but appropriately angry promise by Biden to lead the country in a new direction, away from “the darkness of the past four years into the light,” and they were pleased.

    I saw an old man do a reasonable job of reading a nonsensical script, full of angry self-righteousness, but with no hint of any real policies except platitudes (“free college for everyone, free childcare for all parents, massive infrastructure projects with jobs for all”), without any specifics about how any of that would actually be carried out, and no mention at all of how the country could possibly pay the trillions of dollars for the cost.

    I’m not religious, but the speech reminded me of the Sermon on the Mount given by another Savior some 2,000 years ago. I wouldn’t have voted for those empty promises, either.


  5. Found this new blog “White Hot Harlots: Stuff about academe and politics, mostly.”

    In a post on Harris:

    “The saddest and most desperate paradox of our time is that while the moral imperative to address issues of racial inequity has become more undeniable than ever, our ruling class has normalized a means of addressing these issues purely as a way to empower themselves. No one is going to attempt to fix anything. The only battles to be fought are in regards to determining who gets first dibs in cynically weaponizing the righteous anger of those who have been and will forever be brutalized. Pain is a commodity that pays out handsomely to all but those who were born to suffer it. And a politician can just admit to this, explicit and proud, and they will face no consequences. The only time we’ll ever question someone’s sincerity is when they make the mistake of actually being sincere.”

    And another quote:

    “I’m a leftist. I’m also a professor of English and I got my phd at a very cultural studies-heavy program so I’d say that I’ve given the left a fair shake. There’s tons of leftist authors whose work I admire. But being really deeply immersed within left thought means that I’m not inclined to cheerlead it or avoid pointing out its inconsistencies.

    One thing I hate is the notion of “cultural marxism,” with right wing internet creeps blaming an explosion of cultural idiocy on Foucault or whatever. One thing I’ve noticed recently–particularly with James Lindsay and the rest of the Sokal squared people–is that they’ll base their connections between leftist theory and alienating acts of wokeness on very superficial, Cliff’s Notes-level reading of those theorists. This was striking because there’s usually no pushback from purported leftists against these misreadings–and that’s because most people who go through cultural studies programs, even at an advanced level, don’t actually read the vast majority of the works they discuss and putatively base their beliefs upon.”


    1. “The kids have to have gotten here before their 16th birthday but could not have been born before June 16th, 1981”

      The “kids” born in 1981 are kind of fortyish, so. The “leftier than Obama” crowd is such a joke.

      I hate DACA and it’s definitely keeping a bunch of people in a ridiculous situation for political purposes. But the hysterical whelping about 40-year-old “kids with great GPAs” is worse than anything that Obama has ever done because it’s fed by the deeply immoral idea of “let’s suck the ‘open veins of Latin America’ dry so that I can feel self-righteous.”


      1. As for the post on cancel culture, again, it’s the same problem. You can’t talk about cancel culture without noticing its historical roots. Every brand of leftism – not conservatism, but leftism – always, without variation, arrives at cancel culture. The only important thing to discuss is why that happens. “This isn’t real leftism / socialism / communism” is such a tired old argument that it beggars belief people still cling to it.


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