Navalny Is in a Coma

Wow, Navalny is in a coma.

Not a fan of the guy but this is horrid. He is the last dissident in Russia. The rest are all dead or in jail.

Navalny is my age and very fit. For him suddenly to be on death’s door (apparently, he’s been poisoned) cannot be normal.

P.S. New readers, please put “Navalny” in the search box of this blog if you want to find out who he is.

7 thoughts on “Navalny Is in a Coma”

  1. Do you think Putin became so afraid of Belarusian scenario that he decided to poison every dissident in sight?

    If it’s not connected to protests in Khabarovsk and Lukashenko’s approaching end, why now?


    1. Putin wants Lukashenko out and the leaders of the protesters are very pro-Russian. So there’s that. Belarus is not Ukraine. Different people, different goals.

      Why now is because Putin always kills an opponent after getting a new mandate. August is the month when he traditionally does it.


      1. ” the leaders of the protesters are very pro-Russian”

        I realized still don’t have a good handle on what they protestors want (I know too much to unquestioningly trust mass media reports or necessarily what they say in English and don’t know Russian well enough to check that).
        I know they want to get rid of their rotten dictator. But beyond that? One interesting point is that unlike Ukraine (partly set off by a rebuff against the EU) there are no (or very few) EU flags among the protestors (which I hadn’t thought of but is true).
        Some comments I’ve heard form some striking workers are painful naive (like reading the statements of people in Poland in 1989 who were convinced that in a few months, a year tops, Poland would reach west european levels of affluence…. where do you even start…..’the hands fall’ as they say in Polish).
        And then I reading the blog of Anatoly Karlin (very smart despite being pro-Putin) and the comments were like a different universe… it’s all 19th century great power politics and annexation and narrow ethnic identification and arguments about which countries are ‘real’ which tells me nothing about what Belarusians want but is too much like a car accident to look away from….


        1. You are absolutely right. People are deeply naive. They have been frozen in a semi-soviet bubble since 1991. For now, their chief aspiration is to get rid of Lukashenko. Somehow that will produce tons of happiness.

          Unfortunately, what usually happens is that democracy comes, it’s a huge disappointment, and people start pining for the good old dictatorship times. I don’t think Belarusians have the slightest clue.

          But it’s true that they don’t identify with Europe like Ukrainians and don’t see things in terms of adopting European values and rejecting the Russian ones. Belarusians are traditionally a lot more anti-Europe.


  2. Have you heard of this? So, will Putin soon add insufficiently obsequious writers to political activists?

    // Внешне, кстати, вся история с Навальным, что называется, “до степени смешения” похожа на прошлогоднюю историю с загадочной “болезнью” нашего известного поэта и публициста Дмитрия Быкова. Вот хотя бы заголовок одного из СМИ: “Дмитрий Быков после комы рассказал об отравлении”.

    Сравним: то и другое произошло в самолете, тоже была экстренная посадка, тоже срочная госпитализация в провинциальной больнице, Быков тоже впал в кому, к нему тоже поначалу не пускали жену… Причем, что интересно – несмотря на поднявшийся тогда переполох и сообщения во всех газетах, а также в новостных программах федеральных каналов – до сих пор никто не знает, что же все-таки случилось с Дмитрием и чем он “болел”.


  3. I have to admit that poisoning Navalny to avoid a Belarusian scenario, exceeded my idea of how Putin’s Russia works. Part of me is still waiting to find out if it’s somehow a stunt or an exaggeration.

    I figured poisons were for insiders who defect to work with enemy intelligence services, and that sending Navalny in and out of jail, and disqualifying his candidates, was considered enough to keep him down. Though I do remember what happened to Viktor Yushchenko. And Boris Nemtsov also paid with his life.

    Kommersant is the Russian-language media that I occasionally check, to see what (some) Russians are reading, and the top story is Navalny in a coma, and the legal head of his foundation saying that this was definitely a political poisoning.

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