Will Biden/Harris Stop the Riots?

Biden and Harris are both widely known for having absolutely no beliefs or positions of their own. They’ll say whatever their pollsters tell them will work at any moment.

Once they are elected, it won’t be the pollsters that they listen to but their donors.

Who are their donors? We all know that Wall Street and the Silicone Valley pushed through Harris as their candidate and are going into overdrive to convince you to vote for her. (See the recent, abjectly groveling coverage in Jeff Bezos’s newspaper).

What do Wall Street and Silicone Valley want? Do they want more lockdowns and riots of less?

Well, SNP went higher the other day than it was before corona. The stock market had momentarily buckled in the face of corona but has been doing great since then.

Bezos and Co are aggressively pro lockdowns and riots (notice who is censored by YouTube, Twitter and FB and read WashPo if you don’t get why I say this). So both must be great for business.

When Bezos and Co buy the presidency for Biden and Harris, will they be buying less or more riots and lockdowns that have been so good for business?

10 thoughts on “Will Biden/Harris Stop the Riots?”

  1. Harris is a phony, exactly like Trump says. In her speech yesterday she was focusing on how her Indian mother raised her and how it was tough for her to be a single mother, all the while hardly mentioning her father. Then she finishes the speech that she is a tough black woman. How? She is Indian-American at best. It seems that black was not the relevant culture for her in any way growing up.

    I have to say though, the delivery was excellent. She got rid of the annoying laugh and spoke less nasally. She must have really good handles.

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  2. I have been wondering this myself. But, if Trump wins, will things be any different? Or, will the so-called Resistance double down and the lockdowns and riots will continue as they have been? We all saw what happened in July: the minute Trump said schools should open, the teacher unions rushed to make sure they stay closed. Will it be any different if Trump wins?


    1. I have been wondering about the same, ABC. I am not as well-read and aware of American politics as other readers of this blog, but in my mind, there are two possibilities with Biden/Harris win: (1) The virus will go away, the riots will go away, and we will all go back to normal. This is a scenario many people want to believe in and the hope of going back to normal may persuade some Republican voters to vote for them instead of Trump. As much as I would like for this to happen, it is an unlikely outcome. I do not quite see how things will go back to what they were before and the longer the situation goes on, the more unlikely the return to normal is. I sincerely hope I am wrong about this though. (2) Biden/Harris win will not solve anything since, in reality, the government does not have much power and there are other forces/entities who are knowingly or unknowingly moving things forward. It could actually get worse since they may speed up the transformation to whatever it is we are marching to.

      If I have learned anything from the lockdowns and the entire virus situation is how little power the Federal government really has. There has been a lot of push from the Trump administration to keep the schools open, but we are looking at the completely opposite result now. I do not understand people being up in arms about Trump behaving like a dictator (have seen a lot of comments like that on my social media) since no one actually listens to him. Trust me, if you lived in a totalitarian regime you would not be able to call the leader of your country “totalitarian” without consequences to your freedom or your life. When I came to the US a couple of decades ago, I really liked the freedom this country offered. People could speak their mind and disagree with each other in a civil way. I found it refreshing. Now, the country is very divided and it is not safe to speak your mind. At best, you will lose friends for your opinions, at worst, you will lose your job. Throughout the last year, I have been having flashbacks to my childhood in a totalitarian country, and it is not because of anything Trump has done.


      1. I can absolutely assure everybody that Random Reader isn’t me writing under a pseudonym. 🙂

        But yes, 100% my experience and my analysis of today and tomorrow.


      2. random reader, I love your quote: ” Trust me, if you lived in a totalitarian regime you would not be able to call the leader of your country “totalitarian” without consequences to your freedom or your life.”

        You’re so right about speaking one’s mind. I live in a predominantly blue state, and teach in a somewhat left-leaning school in a purple part of the state. Even I am afraid to say what is accepted scientific truth; I fear that if my colleagues found out about my somewhat-moderate views on the covid panic, I will lose my job.

        Honestly I am slowly losing hope of things getting back to normal with covid. There seems to be way too many people who have a stake in keeping the crisis going. In my university, many of my colleagues have started working on covid — all kinds of things like analyzing contact tracing data, building vaccines, a bunch of other random stuff that really only needs doing if the threat of covid is a serious thing. Try convincing them it’s not! But scientific community apart, there are way too many people who do not even want to hear that it’s not as big a deal as it is made out to be.

        If misinformation were not a thing, I do not see any actual reason why Trump should not win this election by a huge landslide. The working class and also a lot of others are desperate for the schools to open and the economy to start back up, and there’s only one political party that has been on that side of things. But misinformation is rampant. Even if he does win, I am really worried that you are right about (2) . Nothing at all will change, whoever wins this election!


        1. Why, why don’t I have such reasonable and insightful people around me? Why? I only have one single person who thinks like this. Or thinks, period.


          1. Well if it’s anything Clarissa, I have been an avid follower of your blog for years, and you have taught me so much! Your clear thinking is a big inspiration to many of us.

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    2. They will be different in the sense that at least the rioters won’t be celebrated and slobbered over by the highest office in the land.

      There’s also going to be a major crackdown on any criticism of the BLM if Biden wins. What we are saying now will probably be illegal.


      1. Why do you think it would move to this when the current methods (banning people from social media, firing people who tweet the wrong thing, a limited range of views getting airtime from mainstream media, etc.) are working so well? The private sector is already censoring quite efficiently. I don’t dismiss your views here since you’ve lived under a totalitarian government and I have not, but I’m just quite skeptical.


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