Link of the Day…

… is Coleman Hughes’ brilliant review of a bestseller on “anti-racism.” It’s so well-written, and the concluding sentence is brilliant. Please don’t skip to the concluding sentence, though. The review deserves to be savored.

4 thoughts on “Link of the Day…”

  1. “The review deserves to be savored”

    Who decides which non-entities to be promoted and how and why? I think of Kendi the same way I think of climate girl – media creations to club normal people over the head with.

    The idea that adopting the ideas of Kendi or the Robins* could/would lead to improved race relations is ridiculous not least because Coates, Kendi, the Robins of the world absolutely don’t want improved race relations.

    *my term for race-hustling white ladies like DiAngelo and that hysterical freak on the NY school board meeting.


  2. I chuckle that Kendi’s proposed Federal Department of Anti-racism is DOA.
    Review is beautifully nuanced and fun to read.


    1. The distinction he makes about racial equality and racial equity is very important. He defines both so clearly and makes the crucial point that equality is anti-discrimination while equity is pro-discrimination. This goes to the heart of the arguments about liberalism. It’s been against discrimination forever. The whole foundation of liberalism is that every human being is born with equal rights. Once you ditch that, what’s left of liberalism? And what is born instead?


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