I was hoping that if things get reopened, no major outbreak will follow, and people will realize that lockdowns aren’t necessary.

Things got reopened.

We are at zero deaths in my county.

We have three people on ventilators county-wide.

But it isn’t convincing anybody of anything.

People are acting like we are at the peak of a major outbreak of Bubonic plague. We have new restrictions kicking in on Monday. They will affect everybody down to 2-year-old kids.

It really messes with your mind. The reality you observe is completely different from the narrative about it.

By far, the psychological aspect of COVID has been the hardest for me. I have started to disassociate whenever people talk about it. I go to a different place in my mind and tune out their voices because I can’t be around people who are so massively terrified of… I have no idea what.

14 thoughts on “Gas-lighting”

  1. Like

    1. Parties??? Students???? Ah, kids these days. Back in my day, we never even heard of such evil things as parties. We walked barefoot in the snow to get our COVID masks and clutched it to our hearts like the greatest treasure.


  2. Haven’t thought choosing schools could carry such a sentence:

    “Kelley Williams-Bolar, of Akron, Ohio, was sentenced to ten days in jail in 2011 after using her father’s address to enable her two daughters to go to school in a better district. She had initially been sentenced to five years in prison before a judge suspended that sentence and gave her ten days instead.”

    Found a good article about her:

    “What the Williams-Bolar family engaged in is called “boundary hopping” or “district hopping”—or, when it gets caught in the legal system, “residency fraud” or “enrollment fraud.” There are no hard numbers on how common it is, but it is very, very common, educational experts believe, particularly where high-achieving and low-achieving school districts abut one another and where inequality is acute. One survey of public schools in Berkeley, California, for instance, suggested that 8 to 12 percent of enrolled students lived out-of-bounds.

    If we have little hard data on boundary-hopping, we have even less on punishments for boundary-hopping. But some researchers argue that school districts have become more aggressive in identifying out-of-bounds students, purging them, and legally threatening their parents. And it looks like the students who get bounced are disproportionately low-income and nonwhite, as are the parents who end up enmeshed in the justice system.

    Around the same time that Williams-Bolar went to trial, Tonya McDowell, a homeless single mother in Connecticut, was convicted on similar charges. She ended up in jail; the friend who let her use her address for enrollment purposes wound up homeless and briefly lost custody of her own children.”


      1. // Here’s the truth about Tanya McDowell

        Thanks. I am relieved there is more to it and American system isn’t insane.

        Still, there should be a solution to boundary-hopping “particularly where high-achieving and low-achieving school districts abut one another and where inequality is acute.”

        Why not let more students go to good schools, if they fulfill some grade and behavior requirements? Something about school funding and student allocation needs to be changed.


  3. This “boundary hopping” stood out to me since my mother and I kind of did the same thing after we immigrated to Israel, only legally.

    The school I was sent to originally was far away from the flat we rented. I would have needed to take a bus to get there, while the school I attended in practice was 15-20 minutes of walking from where we lived. Don’t remember ever taking a bus – I have always enjoyed walking.

    My mother and I went to that school I was sent to, and really didn’t like it. Didn’t like how the students looked, how they behaved. Still remember how I was shocked by seeing a boy tap on the shoulder of a teacher. In my former school in Ukraine, the norms were very different.

    So, my mother talked several times (*) with a female public official responsible for sending me to the correct school till I was sent to the school we wanted and where I studied. Btw, we knew this better school existed since my mother started talking with another immigrant family in a supermarket and they shared the school their daughter attended. Later, I started with their daughter from 7th grade till graduation in 12th. Imagine. 🙂

    Later, my brother attended the same school too. Don’t know how. May be, my mother went again several times.

    I thought about even renting for a short time a room in order to send future children, if I have them, to a better school (while continuing to live where I live now). Turns out it’s a fraud and punishable by law in America.

    (*) Don’t know how, she knew only a few words in Hebrew then. We just immigrated.


  4. I agree with you. All I can think about now is 5 nights… or 112 hours. You probably know what I am talking about.


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