More Administration

After spending two months working with people in the administration and the support staff of every imaginable service on campus, going back to working with professors is downright painful.

I said many unfair things about college administrators and support staff over the years. I was an ignorant dick, and I’m sorry.

I’m starting to think that more and more administrators are needed because professors do less and less. I was in a really tough situation in the past week and it didn’t even occur to me to ask another professor for help. A million people helped me but they were all admin and support staff.

Here’s one example of what I find frustrating. We urgently need to change a course name at our department so that students can know what they are taking. The course is in Yoruba but the word appears nowhere in the course title or description. We made a collective decision to change that in 2016. This process is department initiated. Until we request the change, the administration can do nothing.

2016. Yoruba teachers keep complaining. Students keep getting confused. Nothing is getting done.


2 thoughts on “More Administration”

  1. Yes, you are right about working with professors. It is painful. But that does not mean that we need more administrators. I still hate it when administrators want to manage our programs, our schedules, or when they want to check how many hours we spend in our offices. They are there to run other, important things.


  2. I used to say this about administrators–they had a role to play and they were doing it, and it was helpful, because their job is to support programs and they do it–but not now that we’re on the entrepreneurial model, because now they’re corporate managers, many without research degrees or faculty experience, etc., and with odd ideas of what it is to be a student.

    Also, adminstrators don’t let faculty do the things they used to do, they won’t allow the usual committees to convene or if they do, they won’t listen to their work, etc. That IHE article by John Lombardi, “Deconstructing faculty work,” is no longer new, but it is still important.

    Working with faculty is painful but I’ve noticed it is so only in the last few years — everyone is more pressed and oppressed, and people turn on each other because of it.


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